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When and Why Do I need an Oracle Financial Consultant?

By Sujain Thomas | March 1, 2017

Let’s hit the nail on the head; when it comes to finances, a great majority of people are unsure of the decisions they need to make. When that happens, bills begin to pile and every financial aspect of their life begin to sprawl out of control. In such a case, there is always an urgent need for a financial consultant.

However, before choosing an advisor, it is important for you to understand that not every financial advisor will be able to give you sound financial advice. You have to know exactly what your needs are so that you can choose your financial consultant wisely. To start us off, who is a financial consultant? A financial consultant is a professional who offers individuals advice on a wide range of financial matters.

This simply means that a financial consultant assists individual’s budget their money more effectively. They also give individuals and organizations on investment plans and wise retirement plans. In other words, if you hire the services of a financial advisor or professional oracle consultants, your financial matters will be well taken care of. You will also have a powerful source of information for all your financial problems.

Do I really need one?
This is a question that most individuals ask day in day out. If truth be told though, you will not know if you need a financial consultant until you look at your financial state. But in different scenarios there are certain individuals who do not believe that they can make the right financial decisions, while others are stuck in one position because they can’t really put a finger on the kind of investments that would be right for them. Whichever the case, you can never be too sure when it comes to financial matters. Therefore, anyone who has cash, assets or investments should seek the help of an oracle financial consultant.

How do I choose the right one?
• With the advancement of technology and the popularity of internet, it is now easier to find a financial consultant online. On your preferred search engine, type the phrase ‘financial consultant in …’ depending on your locality. You can also contact pensions Regal Assets advisors now if you don't want to waste time looking for a qualified advisor. The search engine will give you a list of hundreds of financial consultants in your area and with that list you can shortlist them according to your needs.
• On the other hand, your phone directory is also an effective avenue for finding financial consultants in your area.

• Choose a financial advisor who lives and works in the same area as you. By so doing, you will get the best person for the job; someone who is quite familiar with the financial and economic situation in your locality.
• Get recommendations from friends and/or family. Chances are that someone within your niche has been in the same situation as you. Therefore, ask around and you might just land on the best financial advisor from friends and family suggestions. However, be open minded and look for someone who is focused and determined to make your financial paths straight.
• The last step after you has narrowed down to about five or four is to look at the financial advisors’ credentials. Their credentials and references are what will let you determine the most prospective of them all.

Traits that you should expect from your Oracle Financial Consultant
Now that you have found someone with trustworthy credentials, here are 6 traits that you should be expecting from an oracle financial consultant:
• They have a Good Reputation – in the world of business, especially where finances are the topic of the day, reputation is everything. They say that good reputation goes a long way but so does bad reputation. Therefore, don’t assume that every financial advisor that is well known is popular for the right reasons. Ensure that they are in most people’s mouths because they do their work well and that their services are exceptional.
• They are fearless – fear is the enemy of success. If you want the best financial advice, look for someone who is fearless and someone who is willing to tell it like it is. Some financial advisors will not tell you that your financial state is bad even if it is. What you need is a planner, an evaluator, and an advisor who will fearlessly save you from a financial struggle.
• They instill confidence and trust – when dealing with money, investments and assets, trust is very important. You need to hire a financial consultant you can trust. If you don’t trust your advisor, what are the chances that you will take in the advices or recommendations he gives you? Zero, right? Therefore, in your search, trust your instincts and if at any point you don’t feel right about it, terminate the relationship.

• They are professionals – every oracle financial consultant out there is a legit professional. Professionals have experience in the industry and are knowledgeable of all the financial services depending on their clients’ needs. Find out if the person you are about to trust with your money is certified to carry out any financial services.
Also, check out if they meet the ethical standards of doing business in the financial sector. If they have in one time be caught up in a money related scandal, then let them go. Their level of education is also important because at the end of the day, what we learn in school is what determines our ability to handle the industry.

• They work with you and to them your interests come first – a good financial advisor should be willing to sit with you on a regular basis and this is why it is important to go for someone in your area. Do not communicate with your financial consultant via mail, but rather meet them in person, sit, plan and strategize together.
Additionally, a professional financial consultant will put your interests first. Some consultants will push products to you just because they want bigger commissions. But a professional financial consultant will tailor a plan or strategy that meets your financial goals.

Photo Credit: Petelinforth via Pixabay

About the Author:
Sujain Thomas is a renowned local businessman who has worked for years with a number of oracle consultants. For more information, visit his website.

About the Author: Sujain Thomas is a renowned local businessman who has worked for years with a number of oracle consultants. For more information, visit his website.
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