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Which fire protection equipment are the best for a commercial building?

By Al Twitty | May 27, 2022

Owners of commercial buildings must provide a safe working environment to their employees. Based on the size of your building, it must have a secure architectural structure so that your employees can work safely. A great example of a secure building is one where you have installed security cameras to reveal illegal or criminal activities. Another example includes a building that has fire safety equipment. A building can catch fire anytime, so you must get your building furnished with the best fire protection equipment. Let’s find out some ways to help you use the fire protection equipment in Toronto

fire protection
  1. Smoke and fire detectors

Smoke and fire detectors come first in our list of the best fire protection equipment. You place them in all those spaces that are prone to fires. However, in a few circumstances, commercial building owners choose to equip them in each corner for detecting smoke or fire along with turning on the alarm to warn everybody. Also, you have the option to set up a visual alarm beside the sound alarm for providing better coverage and warning. As stated by their name, smoke and fire detectors function by activating a loud sound when they detect smoke or fire. That sound is like a siren and it triggers when the temperature inside the room raises suddenly or the room is filled with smoke. 

Upon the activation of smoke and fire detectors, the fire suppression system of your building will start and extinguish the fire. But to make that possible, you must maintain the smoke and fire detectors regularly and hire fire alarm monitoring service to get firefighters to the building right away. It is highly recommended to purchase high-quality fire safety equipment and always choose a reliable manufacturer to get the best products. 

  1. Fire suppressors and fire extinguishers 

In addition to smoke and fire detectors, you also require fire suppressors and fire extinguishers in your commercial building. The best illustration of a fire suppressor is a fire sprinkler system, which scatters water combined with chemicals to put out the fire quickly and efficiently. 

With a fire extinguisher, you can quickly extinguish the fire. But for that, you need to locate fire extinguishers in every building area or floor, based on the recommendations of fire experts. It is advised to place fire extinguishers inside cabinets that are especially constructed for fire extinguishers for protecting them against physical destruction. Also, you are required to maintain fire extinguishers installed in your building. 

  1. Fire safety signs and emergency lights

When a fire is caught by a building, it will produce lots of smoke that can affect the vision of surrounding people. This is the reason why OSHA has made it compulsory for commercial buildings to install fire safety signs and emergency lights to indicate exit routes. Individuals inside the building would be able to see beyond the dense smoke if your building has emergency lights and signs.

If you are in the primary planning phase of your building’s construction, you should remember the above-mentioned fire protection equipment so that you can protect your property and employees from fire destruction. 

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