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Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Humanize Their Social Media Strategy


 The landscape of social media marketing is constantly shifting, expanding, and evolving. The basics of social media marketing, however, have remained largely the same. But as social media marketing continues to evolve, real estate agents need to update their strategies. The key is humanizing the social media strategy, focusing on tailoring each and every piece of content you produce to the human behind the screen.

How You Can Humanize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

 As a real estate agent trying to connect with potential clients, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the humans interacting with you on Facebook are what drives sustainable, measurable results. To humanize a social media marketing strategy, you need to focus on building engagement, relationships, and trust.

Produce content that resonates with your target audience. If you’re a real estate agent, you want to make sure that you are producing content that resonates with your target audience—people who are looking to sell their home or purchase a home. By producing content that is relevant, you boost both engagement and trust.

 Focus on creating content that your friends, fans, and followers will share. Did you know that people trust brand advocates and referrals 92 percent more than they do ads? That means that potential clients of Facebook are all the more likely to view a real estate agent as reputable and trustworthy if a friend or family member in their social media network recommends that agent, as opposed to if they see an ad for that agent. Furthermore, keep in mind that people are more than eight times more likely to act on a recommendation than they are an ad. That means that rather than funneling valuable advertising dollars into ads, your best bet is to focus on producing high-quality content that will be widely shared across social networks.

Cultivate relationships with brand advocates. To humanize your social media strategy, it is advantageous to develop relationships with high-profile figures in your local community and encourage them to share your posts. Research shows that just one high-profile advocate can generate 40,000+ social word-of-mouth impressions, which can significantly advance the reach of your message. How can you find potential social brand advocates? Find people who are already engaged with the content you are creating and sharing, and reach out to them.

 The bottom line is that for real estate agents, the value of word-of-mouth impression is worth more than a paid impression. To develop a successful social media strategy you need to humanize your social media marketing strategy and generate a social brand advocacy community.

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Cedric Jackson

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