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Will I Need to Hire a Plumber When Remodeling My Kitchen or Bathroom?

By Al Twitty | April 10, 2020

Home renovation projects are on the rise. In fact, about 90 percent of homeowners plan to renovate at least one room in their homes.

While those renovations will look different for every house, most homeowners choose to focus their attention on their bathrooms and kitchens.

If you’re like most of them, you’re ready to start tackling the project on your own, but that doesn’t mean you should. Instead, you’ll want to hire a plumber to oversee the project. Here’s why.

Your Project Might Need Permits

Believe it or not, most home remodeling projects require permits issued by the county or city government. This ensures that the project is up to current building codes and maintains modern safety features.

If you handle the project on your own, you’ll have to apply for the permits yourself. This is time-consuming and confusing if you’ve never applied for permits before.

When you work with a professional plumber, they’ll be able to either help you apply for the permit or take care of the task for you.

Remember, they know what information the county or city needs to determine if they can issue a permit. This will save you time and frustration so you can get your project started quickly.

Plumbers Will Save You Money

When you install new fixtures on your own or mess with the pipes in your walls, there’s always the risk that something won’t get done properly. For most homeowners, this increases the likelihood of leaks and water damage throughout their homes.

Worse, most of those leaks and damage can be hard to detect until it starts to cause serious problems with the rest of the house. You’ll have to pay to get the damage repaired and could end up having to redo portions of your renovation.

When you hire a plumber at the beginning of your project, you won’t have to worry about costly mistakes derailing your budget or causing damage to your home. They’ll take care of all plumbing work correctly the first time.

They Can Spot Issues Quickly

Issues pop up throughout bathroom and kitchen remodels all the time. However, if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of your home’s plumbing system, it’s easy to miss those issues entirely.

Experienced plumbers can tell when something is wrong long before it has a chance to damage your house. Even better, they’ll be able to fix those issues quickly so you won’t have to deal with your project taking longer than it should.

If you try to handle plumbing renovations on your own, you may miss those minor issues entirely. Even if everything else goes according to plan, those minor issues can cause serious damage to your home if left unrepaired.

Most Homes Need Pipes Moved

The configuration of your home’s pipes and plumbing is the way it is because of the fixtures you currently have. When you change those fixtures out, the configuration may not work the way you need it to.

This can make it almost impossible to install your new fixtures and give your bathroom or kitchen the look you’re dreaming of.

When you work with an experienced plumbing remodeling contractor, they’ll be able to move your pipes and install your new fixtures quickly and easily.

Installing Fixtures Correctly Is Hard

Even a simple showerhead installation can quickly turn into a difficult project if you’ve never done it before. The more complex the fixtures are, the harder it is to install them.

Worse, you often need specialized tools to make sure that the fixtures get installed correctly and won’t start leaking after just a few uses.

Experienced plumbers have all the right tools already to make sure the fixtures get installed correctly. When they oversee the process, you’ll know that your fixtures will be ready to use as soon as the renovations are over.

Plumbers Stand By Their Work

When you hire bathroom or kitchen plumbers, you’re hiring their expertise and get to benefit from their knowledge of proper plumbing techniques. They stand by the work they do whether it’s a complete bathroom remodeling project or just fixing a leaking toilet.

If their work doesn’t fix issues completely or causes new leaks in your home, they’ll make the necessary repairs free of charge.

If you do the same work and end up having serious plumbing issues in your home because of the renovations you made, you’re out both time and money. You’ll need to hire someone to fix the damage and may end up needing to replace the fixtures you installed in the first place.

Hiring a plumber may cost money upfront, but it can save you hundreds in the long-run.

What to Look for When You Hire a Plumber

If you’re trying to find a plumber to help you with an upcoming renovation, look for one that’s local to your area and schedule a consultation. They’ll be able to come to your home and provide you with a written estimate that details how much their services will cost and what they’ll do to bring your vision to life.

Shop around and get quotes from several plumbing contractors before you make your decision. You may also find it helpful to ask for references before you agree to work with them.

Reputable plumbers always have a few clients who are happy to discuss their experiences with you. Follow up with those references and choose the plumber that offers you the best balance between price and quality workmanship.

Yes, You Really Do Need a Plumber for Your Remodel

When you hire a plumber to help with your bathroom or kitchen remodel, you’ll be able to get the project done more quickly and with fewer serious issues. Do your research and find a plumber that’s worked on similar projects in the past.

This way, you’ll know that your renovation or remodel will get done quickly and properly.

Looking for more helpful tips to streamline your upcoming remodel or home renovation project? Check out our latest posts.

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