XiLi Mobile Captures Contact Info For All Forms of Real Estate Marketing

With MyXiLi Mobile , agents no longer have to wonder who is looking at their property listings, no matter how they are advertising them!  With the new proprietary software service XiLi has introduced, it is possible to capture as well as instantly deliver the contact info of prospective buyers directly to agents via a simple text message. XiLi provides this opportunity in multiple ways.

For home buyers, XiLi is a tool that every single prospective buyer in the U.S. can use instantly to see home listings around them.  All they need to do is simply send a text message with the word XiLi to the phone number 86789, and XiLi goes to work delivering to that prospective buyer the 10 listings that are closest to them based on the GPS location of their phone.  XiLi Mobile then aggregates information that the agent has entered into the MLS  listing, and creates a mobile optimized website from that which is viewed on the buyers phone.

For agents, for only $9.99/mo. per agent (not per listing), subscribers to XiLi can capture the contact info of all of the homebuyers that click on one of their property listings when a home buyer texts XiLi to 86789 and instantly deliver that info to the listing agent.  Agents can also upgrade for an additional $0.99/mo. per agent and choose their own unique keyword instead of XiLi.  When a home buyer sends a text to that agents chosen keyword, only that agent, or that agents companies listings would show up in listings XiLi returned. Last, but perhaps most importantly, prospective buyers can text the MLS # of a specific property and only get the listing info for that property to view on their mobile device.

Agents can advertise to text the MLS # for that property to 86789 in every medium they use for advertising(double check with your MLS rules before placing it in the listing itself).  That way if a buyer sees their listing in print(newspaper, magazines), their website, their social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, at their open houses, or even by word of mouth they will have the ability to view the full details of that house on their mobile phone.  When they view it, the listing agent will still be instantly receiving that buyers contact info via text or email capturing far more prospective buyer leads.

XiLi Mobile’s text messaging marketing service is changing the way real estate agents are able to interact with home buyers.  As the mobile revolution continues the march to dominance over all other forms of internet use, it has become increasingly important for agents to give their buying prospects the ability to reach their properties, as well as the agent themselves on a mobile phone.

Chris Colin is the Marketing Manager at XiLi Mobile.  XiLi Mobile is part of Text This House LLC, and is a software  service provider for the real estate industry.  XiLi’s most recent mobile tool is a text message based marketing service.

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