Memphis Commercial Real Estate Moving Forward

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Memphis commercial real estate continues showing signs of prosperity. Especially with the rebirth of the Downtown area. One strong indicator is the recent sale of the Raymond James Tower at 50 North Front Street. Noteworthy is the purchase is being made by a New York based group of private investors under the new landlord entity […]

Get the Best Fixer Discount

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More and more people are finding it difficult to find the right house at the right price these days. In many parts of the country, scarcity of inventory is the cause. Lack of inventory is driving the cost of move-in ready houses higher and higher. With interest rates expected to continue climbing during all of […]

Crowdfunding – What Investors Need to Learn

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This is a follow up to an article about the growth of Crowdfunding first published April 17. While still evolving, crowdfunding is almost certain to change the way many investors approach the real estate and other investment markets of the future. Here is what the 2015 PENSCO CROWDFUNDING REPORT says about the evolution of Crowdfunding: […]

Crowdfunding is Growing

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Most investors are somewhat familiar with a new way of investing through crowdfunding. It’s also referred to as “peer-to-peer investing.” To some degree, these emerging investment opportunities are displacing banks as investors gather online to pool their money to fund an untold number of potentially highly profitable investment opportunities that used to be relegated to […]

How to Get Multiple Offers on Your House


As we all know, real estate is all about location. The location of your property has a big effect on how many offers you receive and if you receive any offers at all. If you invested in a house on a busy intersection, next to a freeway on ramp, or on a four lane main […]

Real Estate in the Spring Warms

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As the flowers bloom and temperatures become milder, so does the real estate market and most experts expect it to be an active one this spring, summer, and fall. Nation-wide, housing prices rose 5.7 percent in January, year over year. Some say that is a sustainable rate of appreciation. However, the Department of Labor’s Consumer […]

Memphis’ High End Real Estate Deals


There are many smaller cities and suburbs such as Southaven, Collierville, Horn Lake, Bartlett, Olive Branch, surrounding Memphis but Memphis and Germantown frequently generate the highest real estate sales prices

Top 10 Income Tax Deductions for Primary Residences

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Tax deductions for homeowners remain largely unchanged for the 2014 tax year. However, Congress does make changes from year to year, so make sure you are aware of the current tax laws. Disclaimer: This is only general information about tax law. If you have questions or unusual circumstances, you need to seek out the advice […]

Real Estate Investing This Spring and Summer

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Real estate investing – the time to strike it rich is now. The stars are aligned for you to make great real estate investments. Although times to buy and flip houses were better in 2011 and 2012 for investors, end-buyers lacked confidence. Yes, prices are up now but more importantly, buyer confidence is also up. […]

Timing the Market is Next to Impossible

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Some investors and retail buyers try timing the real estate market. That’s pretty much impossible although there a few things to be aware of. With hindsight, you now know that prices have been increasing for the past three years. What you can’t know is when there might be a sudden increase in prices. What you […]