Memphis Flying High with Allegiant Air

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Memphis is a major metropolitan center of the southeast. As so, there are always newsworthy developments occurring. Recent developments involve Memphis as the transportation hub of the southeast. One is taking place at Memphis international Airport and the other out on the Blues Highway (U.S. 61). Allegiant Air Offering Deep Discount Travel Airfare Long known […]

Tips to Your Success Investing in Commercial Real Estate

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Most people start their real estate career investing in residential properties. Eventually, they look to commercial investing because it is much more profitable. Before you jump into commercial real estate there is very different information you need and a different approach compared to residential investing. Six Tips to Get You Started in Commercial Real Estate […]

Selling Investment Property with a Wrap Mortgage

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When it comes to wrap around mortgages, most real estate investors will tell you it’s a great creative financing tool. And of course, it is. What most experienced real estate investors forget to share with you is that it makes just as good of tool when it comes time to sell your investment property as […]

Memphis Residential Investments On Target

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When you are looking for residential invest property, you need to take a serious look at the Memphis area. There are few if any other major metropolitan areas with higher rents and more renters than in Memphis. More than half of the households in Memphis prefer to rent rather than own. Something making Memphis particularly […]

Peak Home Sales Season is Coming


When is the peak home sales season in your state? Most people believe that spring and fall are the peaks seasons and spring is true for most states. Because of climate differences, the peaks do vary from region to region and state to state. The one constant is that most families do buy houses in […]

Wholesalers Work On Volume and Networking

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When you buy from the wholesale market, you don’t need to sell at retail to make a profit. You can sell to someone else that buys wholesale and still make a decent profit. The real estate wholesale market is not unlike any other wholesale market. In the supply chain, from manufacturing to retail there are […]

Memphis Skyline Ready for Change

Highrises of Memphis, Tennessee skyline in night time

Downtown Memphis is on the verge of beginning construction on two new skyscrapers at the mouth of the Mississippi. The combined project is known as One Beale because it will be at the corner of Beale Street and Riverside Drive. One skyscraper is to be a 30-story 280-room apartment building and the other a 22-story […]

Boomerang Buyers Are Back


One important trend developing in the national residential real estate market is boomerang or rebound buyers. These are former homeowners that went through a foreclosure or short sale during the Great Recession. With the economic future looking brighter, these people are again looking to become homeowners. In most cities, this makes good economic sense because […]

Good Things Happening in Memphis Schools

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Schools should always be a scrutinized decision when considering where to live and raise a family. Memphis has been on a serious journey to improve its school system and is showing real improvement. Emphasis has been placed on more parent involvement with students, schools, and community resources. The overarching goal is for students to graduate […]

Hard Money Lenders and Real Estate Values

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Overall, hard money lenders generally don’t value real estate in the same ways as investors and other real estate professionals. As an investor, you should know your local market inside out. You should instinctively have a good idea of the property value after a brief inspection. What’s different for hard money lenders is they typically […]