Is It Better To Rent or Buy In Memphis

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Lifestyle and finances play important roles in making a decision between buying or renting a home to live in. Without a doubt, home ownership has pros and cons. One of the more important cons that first time buyers often overlook is that ownership is much more complicated both in the process of buying a house […]

Senior Housing Continues to Evolve

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Baby boomers are doing it one more time – changing the landscape of society. As the 77 million boomers move into retirement, it’s no longer your grandfathers’ retirement community. Today’s seniors are more diversified and more active. They continue to be active both physically and mentally. Beyond Bingo Senior communities are being forced to move […]

Investing in Brownfield Properties


Commercial real estate investors should consider investing in brownfield properties – previously developed commercial real estate that is currently not in use or severely underused.

Negotiating Real Estate Contracts To Your Advantage

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Everything in a real estate contract can be negotiated with the exception of what is required by state law. It’s not always a good idea to go with the standard purchase agreement when you’re looking for the best deals. However, when you draw up your own purchase agreement, it’s always good to have it reviewed […]

Investing in Stocks Vs. Real Estate

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Many people ponder whether it’s better to invest in stocks or mutual funds versus investing in real estate. As it is with so many things in life, it depends on the individual investment. Had you invested in Southern California beachfront property in the 1970s, you’d probably be set for life today. Had you bought Microsoft’s […]

1031 Exchange – Move Up Without Paying Capital Gains

1031 exchange

Every investor should know about the IRS tax code 1031 exchange (1031 is the tax code section if you want to look it up). This part of the tax code allows you to sell one investment property to purchase a higher cost (more profitable) investment without paying capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture taxes. The […]

Crye-Leike Realtors serving Memphis and The Midsouth

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Memphis real estate has a lot to offer you whether you are selling, buying, or looking to invest in real estate. With 112 conveniently located offices and over 3,000+ licensed professionals, Crye-Leike provides easy access to agents and other real estate professionals. The full network provides quick easy access to any listed property and generates […]

Get Schooled in Real Estate Investing

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Student housing has been ignored by mainstream investors for more than four decades but that is changing. Traditionally, Universities have funded on-campus housing and investors bought into off-campus apartments geared towards students. Now, Universities are looking more and more to private investors to finance new on-campus student housing so that the University can use limited […]

Speed is Not the Critical Element to Investing Success

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Much is said and written about how important speed is in real estate investing. It’s true in a limited number of aspects but has nothing to do with investing success in most aspects. What’s important is knowing when speed is appropriate and when waiting is more important to finding the best deals. When Speed is […]

Why Memphis Can Draw Major Companies

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Memphis is a magnet for people as well as commercial businesses of all types. Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. The result is a hot real estate market that major U.S. investors and international investors have been active in for years. But there is still room for smaller investors looking looking to get into […]