Memphis the Musical

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It takes balls to name a musical “Memphis” after the home of Rock ‘n Roll and R&B but that’s what it is, a ball of energy. Fresh off of Broadway and a 55 city North American tour, the story of 1950’s Memphis is now playing at the Shaftbury Theater in London. Based on the birthplace […]

Real Estate Trust – Another Way to Protect Your Investments

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Investing in real estate can be done in many different ways. But like any business, it doesn’t come without risk. Titling investment properties in a real estate trust can provide some protection for your business when done correctly. How much protection a real estate trust offers depends on how your overall business is structured and […]

Memphis New Home Permits Mostly Stable


Year-on-year, Memphis and Shelby County saw a slight increase in new home permits. Third quarter numbers for 2014 were up 3.4 percent. However, new home permits were down 13.4 percent compared to the second quarter of 2014. The exact numbers were 212 new construction permits in the third quarter of 2014 compared to 245 permits […]

Do Malls Have a Future?

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For commercial real estate investors the question about the future of shopping malls continues to be unanswered. As online sales grow, it’s estimated that 400 of the once 1,100 enclosed malls across the country have either closed or been transformed for another use. Some investors believe malls will find ways to remain relevant in the […]

Earning Wealth in Real Estate


The real estate market is frequently at the center of national economic news. Mostly it’s about whether or not homeowner values are increasing or decreasing but there is plenty written about real estate investing. When it comes to taking the step up from personal residence investing to more diversified real estate investing, it can be […]

What Makes a Good Rental Property?


What makes a good or great rental property is a personal decision. It depends on the types of tenants you want to deal with. The vacancy rate you’re willing to deal with (which can include vandalism and other property crimes). The amount of profit you want to earn on your investment. And a host of […]

Memphis Trolleys Being Upgraded

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The Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) operated downtown vintage trolleys have been suspended from service since April of this year due to a couple of fires on the trolleys (one in November of 2013 and the other in April of 2014). The MATA brought in experts to determine the causes of the fires and what […]

Tax Lien Investing Pros and Cons

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Tax lien investing has long been a popular method of investing in real estate but it should not be taken lightly. Although potential returns are huge, so are the risks. Approximately $425 billion in state and local real estate property taxes are owed across the U.S. each year. Of that, about $6 billion goes delinquent. […]

Are Home Prices About to Dip?


The spike expected in homes prices during the traditionally busy spring and summer buying season never really developed. Prices in much of the nation remain higher than a year ago but didn’t go up as much as expected. Last year the gain from the second quarter to the third was three percent. This year it […]

Revitalizing the City of Memphis

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Memphis continues to thrive both as a residential and commercial center of the southeast. Evidence of this is the new $17.9 million multi-use complex planned for the South Main neighborhood. The development group formed as 266 Developer LLC plans a 145 unit complex to be located at 266 S. Front St., on the southeast corner […]