Rental Management of Memphis Real Estate

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Memphis real estate investing offers tremendous opportunities for those wanting to be in the rental market. Memphis, like most major cities, has a very diverse population. Some parts of Memphis have a very small rental market (upscale areas) while others you are better off avoiding because of high crime rates and high unemployment rates. Still, […]

Home Auctions With a Financing Contingency

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Online auctions for bank-owned and short sale homes are becoming more mainstream as the shopping experience becomes more user-friendly. In fact, online real estate auction marketplace Hubzu experienced a 20% increase in listings in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same quarter last year. Financing Contingency is a Welcome Approach Hubzu offers a […]

The New Assisted Living Facility Business Model

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Most astute real estate investors are aware of the outstanding opportunity that assisted living facilities offer for decades to come as 79 million baby boomers continue retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day. The frustration is that building or purchasing a fully developed facility can easily cost more than $20 million. Sure, you can […]

Memphis Bass Pro: One of a Kind


Bass Pro opened its newest store in downtown Memphis last week. You might not think that another sport shop opening is newsworthy but this is no ordinary sports shop.

Getting Your Expert Story Out

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a flipper or a landlord, maximizing your profits is what it’s all about. You can be the best expert at what you do but if the people you want to deal with don’t know it, it does you no good. Think about how marketing works in general. There are those […]

Finding the Best Mortgage

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A fundamental mistake many realtors make (even the most experienced) occurs when he or she first talks to a potential buyer. As soon as the realtor learns the potential buyer isn’t preapproved for a loan, they frequently do one of two things. Either they tell the potential client they don’t work with unapproved buyers or […]

Memphis Commercial Real Estate Highlights


If nothing else, the Memphis commercial real estate market is dynamic and growing.

Memphis Commercial Real Estate Highlights

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If nothing else, the Memphis commercial real estate market is dynamic and growing. Among other developments, new restaurants are opening, a major grocery chain has made a large land purchase, and a major building materials shopping center anchor has sold two adjacent retail buildings. New Shelby Farms Restaurant Two new restaurants are coming to Memphis. […]

Next Real Estate Recession in the Making?

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Are we at the beginning of the next real estate induced recession? Ginnie Mae thinks we possibly are. Ginnie Mae is a fully owned government corporation controlled by HUD. Ginnie Mae is currently seeking permission to increase staffing for better oversight of the burgeoning nonbank mortgage market. Bank Mortgage Volume Continues Declining What may surprise […]

Memphis Q1 real estate data confirms city is a seller’s market


First quarter residential real estate data for Memphis, Shelby County, Fayette County, and Tipton County has been released by the Memphis Area Association of Realtors, and the results are a little mixed.