Your Dream – Owning Your Home and Dreaming Forward Part 2

Can you imagine achieving and living your dream through real estate ownership and investing? Building a passive income stream that pays all your expenses so that you can pull up your drawbridge while living in comfort to define your vision of full happiness

Your Dream – Owning Your Home and Dreaming Forward

Your home is the place where you feel secure just relaxing or strategizing your next adventure to brand your mark on the world. Whether that adventure entails emotional or financial risk or both,

Whats in Store for the Fall 2017 Real Estate Markets

Home sales this fall will likely be sluggish. Not because there is no demand but because there remains a limited supply. There’s no denying the cost of homes has been relentlessly going up for years.

DIY – How to Insulate Your Attic

Fall is a great time for DIY projects. Once the weather cools from the summer highs, you can tackle outdoor projects that are labor intensive or heavy lifters without the sweat. It’s also a great time to take on projects that will insulate your home against the coming winter frost. Insulating your attic isn’t sweat […]

Deciding on the Right DIY Projects

Maybe you were a contractor in a previous life or maybe you want to learn to do more challenging home improvement DIY projects.

Where Hurricanes and Real Estate Meet

For those that can help provide relief, now is the time to help the charity of your choice with financial support or donate to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

also some indoor chores that need attending to if you want trouble free living during the colder months.keep your home operating in peak condition all winter long.

Hurricane Harvey – A Congressional Disaster

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25. As Hurricane Irma made landfall on the Caribbean Islands in a direct path for Florida and beyond, the U.S. Congress has taken no affirmative action

Do My Gutters need Cleaning or Replacing

Are you having problems with a flooded basement? Maybe it’s because you didn’t clean your gutters. Keeping the rain gutters on your roof cleaned out prevents a lot of seemingly unrelated problems that homeowners seldom think about.

How Often Do You Change or Update Your Hot Water Tank

As with many home maintenance timelines, the answer to the question to how often do you change or update your hot water tank? Is it depends. It depends on the quality of tank you have

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