The Story of the Memphis Belle


The B-17 from WWII known as the Memphis Belle is renowned for being the first heavy bomber to complete it’s 25 missions over war-torn Europe.

2015 Likely a Slow Year for Investors

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If you’re looking to get into the rental market, 2015 will be another solid year. If you’re looking to flip houses or make a significant profit from appreciation, 2015 may not be your year. While home prices continue to increase in value, they are doing so at a much slower rate than over the past […]

Boring Makes the Best Investment

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There are many ways to invest in real estate. Some are inherently higher risk or more time consuming than others. For instance, a seaside vacation rental requires a thorough cleaning between every rental. Flipping houses requires a large cash investment and carries a high risk that you won’t make the big profit you planned on. […]

Christmas in Memphis


Come to see Graceland in Elvis style. Take in the Merry Yule on Beale Street. How better to spend the holidays than taking in the many musical shows spanning many genres that are going on for Christmas in Memphis.

The Jobless Recovery is Complete

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It has been several years of watching millions of people chase the few jobs out there but that is changing in a hurry and permanently. Early November numbers indicate that 321,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy. Revisions for September and October show that 44,000 more jobs than had been estimated were actually added. […]

Shopping for a Rental Property

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Deciding to invest in real estate is the first step in a long process to becoming a successful investor. There are many different investment strategies that you must first consider. Among the four most successful ones today are: Landlording rentals Flipping houses Owner financing houses Purchase lease options Your Strategy is Only the Beginning However, […]

Real Estate Trust – Protecting Your Business


Structuring your real estate business can be done in many different ways. Like any business, it never comes completely without risk. How you title your properties can determine how much protection your business has. How much protection a real estate trust provides depends on the overall structure of your business. You should consult with a […]

Memphis Has Vision

Memphis, Tennessee. Blue suitcase with label at airport.

Memphis is a city of vision. One of those visions that is taking on life is improved economic performance. Job losses bottomed out late in 2010 and Memphis is now number 17 in the nation for job growth. The greater metropolitan area has seen consistent growth in gross domestic product over the last couple of […]

Thoughts on Real Estate Investing

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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice investor there are fundamentals that you should always be paying attention to when investing in real estate. The fundamentals for beginners may be second nature to experienced investors but they aren’t to the beginner. The beginner needs to keep these in mind every step in the process […]

Real Estate Investing Today

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There is a long history of real estate investing showing major appreciation in values following a recession. In 1970, the medium price for a house in the U.S. was about $25,000. A decade later, it had doubled to $50,000. In 2000, the priced averaged $125,000. Five times what it was in 1970. By 2006, it […]