Text Messaging
Real Estate Marketing

How Effective Is Text Messaging for Real Estate Agents?

By Ben Shepardson | November 14, 2022
Billions of people worldwide own smartphones. How can you use this statistic to improve your real estate sales? With SMS marketing or text message marketing, real estate agents can reach homebuyers more directly. By marketing their services through texting, they're likelier to win over clients and sell houses more quickly. This might sound too good to be […]
Cincinnati Bengals
Market Watch

Where to Get the Best Mortgage Rates in Cincinnati, OH

By Ben Shepardson | November 9, 2022
The city of Cincinnati, Ohio might not necessarily be on your list of the best places to live in the United States, but guess what? You’d be pretty wrong to discount this Midwest city. In fact, it’s far from the sleepy little burg you think it is - it’s rated 41st in US News and […]
email marketing tools
Real Estate Marketing

How to Get Buyers Through Email Marketing Strategy

By Ben Shepardson | November 8, 2022
Online marketing takes many forms. From paid search advertising to social media marketing and beyond, there are dozens of different techniques you can use to lead prospects through your sales funnels and convert them into buyers. One of the most effective methods is by leveraging email. Here’s what you should know about what strategies you […]
content marketing campaign
Real Estate Marketing

Effective Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents

By Ben Shepardson | November 7, 2022
Content marketing is a powerful way to attract potential clients and build a real estate brand. But it takes more than just writing content—real estate agents need to create the right kind of content, publish on the right platforms, and distribute it effectively. In real estate, the availability of up-to-the-minute information is crucial to success. […]
real estate photography
Marketing Insider

Why You Need a Professional Photographer for Your Real Estate Listings

By Ben Shepardson | November 7, 2022
“A picture is worth a thousand words” - we’ve all heard the saying, and how it can be applied to all sorts of situations - including the real estate market. In fact, if you’re a real estate professional, investing in good, high-quality photography for your real estate listings is an absolute must. Here’s why it’s […]
real estate technology
Industry Technology

The Average Cost of Technology Tools for Real Estate Agents

By Ben Shepardson | November 1, 2022
When it comes to real estate, having a good property on the market is only part of the battle; real estate agents also need to have effective marketing and advertising strategies to reach many potential buyers. With this, it comes as no surprise that agents use a lot of technology in their day-to-day operations. However, […]
real estate software
Real Estate Software Apps

Top 5 Real Estate Software for Agencies

By Ben Shepardson | November 1, 2022
Technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives. It has also had a significant impact on the real estate market. Using technology, especially real estate software to reach clients is an innovative solution to drive business and should be used to expand the market. The rise of online services such as Zillow and Redfin […]
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