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Benefits Of A Keyless Entry System For Your Commercial and Apartment Building Properties

By Al Twitty | December 15, 2021

The traditional lock and key method for controlling access to a building has been around for centuries, yet we are finally in the throes of a new era when it comes to security.

Technological advancements have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and in these modern times, our smartphones can operate just about anything. As a result, the act of carrying physical keys around in order to access our homes or cars is slowly becoming all but old-fashioned, and the world of security is now following suit.

What is keyless entry?

A keyless entry door lock system for commercial and apartment buildings allows property managers to manage the access security of the building with the need for physical keys. Instead, door locks are locked and unlocked using keypads, key cards or fobs, or smartphones and devices that hold authorized credentials within.

One of the biggest practical benefits of having a keyless entry system is that managers, staff and tenants no longer need to keep track of any keys. This can save a great deal of time and expense when it comes to issuing, revoking or otherwise altering access permissions. No more lock changes or key cutting necessary.

Why keyless door entry?

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, keyless door entry greatly enhances the ease with which access control securities can be managed. This can include issuing temporary visitor passcodes or other access authentication, with a time limit activation if desired.

In addition to this, many keyless door entry systems record each and every access granted, so building managers can always stay informed as to who is entering their property. Furthermore, when these systems are integrated with cloud-based technologies, it is possible for commercial and apartment building managers to operate them from anywhere, so long as they have access to the internet. Remote mobile access allows for scalable self-guided tours and touchless entry, while helping to ensure that the wrong people don't have access to a premise.

IoT (Internet of Things) devices can now enable ‘smart building’ systems. For example, increased integration between building management systems and access control and visitor management systems can create a seamless security management system throughout the building.

Keyless entry systems for apartment buildings

With a keyless entry system installed in an apartment building, residents need never hide keys under a doormat again. In addition, residents who are frequently away from home have the added peace of mind that their property is secure, and can give trusted friends or neighbors secure access codes in the event that they need anything tended to in their absence.

It can be challenging for apartment building managers to facilitate the optimal security of a building that hosts so many tenants and visitors. However, with a keyless entry system, the power to make instantaneous access permission changes makes the tasks significantly easier, especially with cloud-based technologies enabling remote management.

Keyless entry systems for commercial buildings

These convenient, high-tech access control systems are highly beneficial for businesses, too. Commercial real estate tenants and their employees can enjoy contactless entry without the challenges of managing and maintaining physical key systems. 

Physical keys can wind up in the wrong hands, but with keyless door entry systems, this risk is eradicated, as only authorized persons hold access credentials, either via a memorized code or an app on their smart device.

Types of keyless entry systems include:

  • Keypads - instead of a keyhole, these doors feature a keypad that either displays a touchscreen or a numeric keypad. Any authorized person can input their unique access code or PIN to gain access.
  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) scanners - although these door entry systems are keyless, they still require tenants, staff and authorized guests to carry an encoded fob or access card with them for entry. That said, they still allow for easier management than traditional lock and key methods, since the access permissions encoded on the cards/fobs can easily be altered.
  • Smart lock systems - instead of using any keys, cards, fobs or codes, smart lock systems connect directly to the internet and grant access upon the presentation of a mobile app that features authorized credentials. These systems make it particularly easy for residents to provide temporary access to guests, couriers or other service professionals, even when they are away from home.

Health and safety benefits

In addition to the enhanced security benefits that keyless entry door systems provide, some also go a long way towards improving the health and safety of their users. Even as the grip of the pandemic begins to subside, people remain hypervigilant when it comes to reducing the risk of disease transmission, and this will continue long into the future.

Keyless entry door systems, especially when teamed up with automatic doors, gates, or turnstiles, can dramatically reduce the need for physical contact when entering or exiting an apartment building or commercial premise. Contactless experience is fast becoming an expectation in many sectors, and this security approach provides the added benefit of further protecting residents, staff, and guests.

Photo by Old Money on Unsplash

Final thoughts

Keyless entry systems benefit commercial and apartment buildings in numerous ways, making security management infinitely easier and providing a seamless, hygienic access experience for residents, staff and visitors. The future of access control and door locks is remote, mobile, contactless, and cloud-based. 

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