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Tips For How to Develop a Keyword Strategy For Your Website

By Joe Heath | May 10, 2013
Many real estate agents we work with who are just in the beginning stages of learning and understanding search engine optimization and how it can help their business often ask what keywords they should use or how should they determine a proper keyword strategy. While figuring out which keywords you should target for your real estate website may seem like a simple task, there might be more to this process than you may think.
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Add Social Login To Your Real Estate Site Visitors Into Leads

By Joe Heath | May 2, 2013
In the web-marketing world of real estate, attracting home buyers to your real estate website is only half the battle. The other half is getting them to register with your site or provide some form of personal contact information which then transforms that particular website visitor into an actual sales lead.
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How Long Should Your Real Estate Blogs Be?

By Joe Heath | May 1, 2013
Keeping your real estate blog fresh with interesting market information and engaging content is extremely beneficial for both home buyers in your area, as well as all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Just as it does with readers, frequent blogging gives search engines another optimized web page to read, ultimately giving your website yet another opportunity for buyers to find your pages and just one more way to achieve a high page rank.
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How To Know When To Use Keywords On Your Real Estate Website

By Joe Heath | April 30, 2013
It’s no secret that quality content is one of the most crucial factors to include on a web page if achieving a high-level of search engine optimization is priority for your real estate website. With the release of the Google Panda update, which focuses heavily on promoting quality content throughout your website, one of the main concerns for real estate agents building out a high-traffic website is how often to use various keywords relating to your business.
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How To Use Facebook Insights & What It All Means

By Joe Heath | April 16, 2013
Today’s web marketing world is all about understanding who is visiting your website and how you can convert those visitors into actual clients or customers. With the continuous rise in social media popularity around the world, tracking visitors to your social media pages is also becoming an effective way to market your real estate business and generate more leads.
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100 LinkedIn Real Estate Professionals to Connect With

By Violeta-Loredana Pascal | April 1, 2013
LinkedIn is a social network that can help real estate professionals to connect with peers, clients, real estate investors, etc. There are many real estate pro’s in this network, therefore it was really hard to compile this list, especially since the number of connections is not relevant as there is no higher mention provided by the network but +500 connections.

When Is a Niche Site "Niche"?

By Dan Vassiliou | March 25, 2013
As SEO agents and internet marketers we have all asked for the same things when looking to gain a link from another site. Is it Niche related? The question I have for Google, who have filled the internet marketing “sphere” with the information that niche related links are more favorable is what makes a link niche related?
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