The Most Effective Modern Real Estate Marketing Technologies

The world of real estate has always had a heavy reliance on adopting new technologies to remain competitive in a crowded market. This hasn’t changed at all – in fact, today’s technologies offer dozens of excellent opportunities for real estate agents looking to grow their business. Here’s a collection of some of the best and

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Google to remove more personal info from its search results upon request

As concerns over internet privacy and online harassment continue to grow, Google last week announced that users now have a way to remove personal information such as their physical addresses, personal phone numbers and email addresses from its search engine results. In a statement, Google said the changes were made so that users can protect

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Profitable Real Estate Blog Niches

If you’re planning to jump on the real estate blog wagon, you’re not alone. A growing number of real estate agents are wondering whether this path is worth the investment. Still, once they see the numbers and understand how their poll of potential clients can grow through a real estate blog, they immediately start looking

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A Guide to Using Real Estate Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

The proliferation of smart devices such as smartphones having access to social media has made search function more important than ever. In fact, the National Association of Realtors reports that more than 90% of millennials start their home searches online instead of in-person referrals. This is why real estate agencies should begin to use hashtags

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5 Social Media Marketing Ideas to Help Plumbing Businesses Gain Leads and Customers

Digital marketing may hold the secret formula that will set your plumbing business apart from the competition.

Google My Business to Relaunch as Google Business Profile

oogle intends to rename its Google My Business app and relaunch it as Google Business Profile to help business owners “foster meaningful conversations with customers on Google.”

Playhouse Is a New App for Real Estate Video Listings

Currently available in the App Store, Playhouse is a novelty: a video app that clones TikTok’s interface to show only real estate listings. Developed by Square Footage, the app allows users to: Surf listings: The app offers more than vertical video real estate listings. It also has pictures, listing details, maps, and the ability for

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9 Types of Real Estate Marketing Materials That’ll Help You Sell More Homes

If you’re a real estate agent, then you know that marketing is key to your success. Without effective marketing, it’s tough to sell homes. That’s why it’s important to have a variety of real estate marketing materials at your disposal. This blog post will discuss nine types of real estate marketing materials that are guaranteed

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5 Tips for a Better Email Subject Line

If you’re trying to get more leads for your real estate tech business, you know that it’s important to write effective emails. Your prospects are, like you, very busy, so the quicker they can see what it is you’re offering and how it can benefit them, the faster they can click through (or hit delete)

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How to Sell Your Property on Social Media

Selling your proprety on social media is not difficult if you already know how social media networks work. But first, you must know which social media networks work to sell a property.

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