Real Estate Marketing

5 Tips for a Better Email Subject Line

By Anita Cooper | March 17, 2022
If you’re trying to get more leads for your real estate tech business, you know that it’s important to write effective emails. Your prospects are, like you, very busy, so the quicker they can see what it is you’re offering and how it can benefit them, the faster they can click through (or hit delete) […]
Real Estate Marketing

5 Email Marketing Trends Agents Should Watch

By Adrian Fisher | April 9, 2020
Email marketing is an essential strategy for businesses across all sectors, and the real estate industry is no exception. Agents rely heavily on email marketing to connect with prospects and grow their business. Email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to Emarsys, 81% of small and midsize businesses rely on email marketing as a […]
Real Estate Marketing

5 Smart Ideas for Real Estate Agents to Leverage Email Marketing

By Ben Shepardson | December 3, 2019
Is email marketing dead? If you are in the real estate business, you have most likely heard marketers claim that email is no longer relevant. The numbers however paint a different picture. Many people today still rely on email as the main communication tool. This is the most professional form of communication and real estate […]
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Real Estate Marketing

Why Every Realtor Needs a Mailing List for Effective Email Marketing

By Ben Shepardson | June 18, 2019
If you’re in the real estate industry, you most likely use email as a business tool. Email is a crucial communication tool for realtors, but most of them don’t maximize it. If building a mailing list is not top on your marketing priorities, your business is missing out. Email in Numbers A recent survey shows […]
Lead Generation, Real Estate Marketing

Creating Your Highly Effective Email List

By Brian Kline | July 10, 2018
Certainly you know how important effective online marketing is to your real estate business. In almost all cases you want your marketing to be local.
Real Estate Software Apps, Real Estate Technology, US Real Estate

Amitree lands $7M to expand its digital assistant for real estate agents

By Mike Wheatley | August 28, 2017
Startup Amitree is hoping to make life easier for real estate pros, with the launch of a revamped app called Folio, which is a kind of digital assistant for agents.
Advertising, Featured News, Real Estate Marketing

Realtors: How to Grow Your Email List With Success

By Ben Shepardson | June 23, 2017
Digital advertising has expanded well beyond the emails and banner ads of decades past. These days, it seems the bigger marketing push comes from expanding social media channels and YouTube videos.
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