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Three Classic "No Down Payment" Strategies

By Donna S. Robinson | January 24, 2012
Everyone has heard stories or read about someone who bought a property without paying a single dime as a down payment. But how on earth does this work?
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Tips for Selling a Home with Tenants

By Mike Wheatley | January 18, 2012
During the housing crisis, many homeowners found themselves having to reluctantly rent out their homes in order to balance the books. But now things are beginning to pick up at last, many of these reluctant landlords are looking to sell.
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Three Important Keys For Success When Buying A Fixer-Upper

By Donna S. Robinson | January 18, 2012
Buying fixer-uppers has been a common investment technique for many years. These days, with millions of foreclosed homes available at bargain basement prices, fixer-uppers can be an excellent choice for buyers who are shopping for a home to live in, as well as for real estate investors.
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Protect your Home Investment; Determine The Right Offer Price

By Donna S. Robinson | January 17, 2012
Many buyers are worried that if they buy a home today, that home might go down in value tomorrow. But there is a way for any home buyer to protect themselves from the dangers of eroding home values.
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Dealing with Foreign Buyers: What Realtors Need to Know

By Mike Wheatley | January 10, 2012
US real estate is proving to be very attractive to foreign buyers right now, lured by the combination of a relatively weak dollar and low, low prices. Yet for foreign buyers, investing in a US property is not always that simple...
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A Look at Green Energy Sources for the Home

By Guest Author | December 7, 2011
Since the earth’s finite natural energy sources are rapidly depleting, it is now time to look for new means of providing energy for our homes. Luckily, various renewable energy sources have been developed, and we can now use green energy solutions in our homes. In case you have not already, it's time to catch up on the basics of renewable energy.
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How to Start and Build a Real Estate Business

By Guest Author | December 6, 2011
Real estate has been seen for years as a lucrative and rewarding profession. The best agents can weather any economic storm, but there are hazards to be avoided.
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