HomePocket Launches Search Visibility Optimization App and Web Service for Real Estate Agents

To help real estate agents maintain a website that consistently produces buyer and seller leads, HomePocket, a residential real estate listing marketplace and data-driven marketing engine, today announced the launch of LeadWallet Marketing Insights. The new data analytics service monitors agents’ websites continuously and makes improvements based on changing user search criteria.

“An agent’s website should be their number 1 lead generation tool,” said Jason Polancich, co-founder, HomePocket. “But it isn’t a set it and forget it resource. Too many agents pay for inexpensive website development and hosting and wait for leads to come in. In reality, customer habits and search index algorithms change monthly and if you aren’t regularly tuning your site to keep up with those changes, you fall out of the index and suffer poor search visibility.”

With more and more buyers and sellers conducting much of their real estate search online via mobile devices, ongoing website visibility is key. According to HomePocket data, an average of between 1.5 and 1.8 percent of organic search visits end up as workable leads for the site’s agent(s). The service also ensures the agent’s site meets an important rating criteria – mobile compatibility.

In addition to providing sales leads, website data accessible through the new service via the HomePocket app or desktop version provides in-depth, prescriptive reports including user preferences on individual properties, property type and price range as well as website user demographics.

“The data identifies a current profile of the site’s most active users including age, income, gender, interests and more,” Polancich said. “This helps the agent effectively target their marketing efforts at good-fit groups instead of throwing significant amounts of money to indiscriminate and inaccurate pay-per-click ads.”

For those who don’t yet have a website, HomePocket also offers a one-week turnaround website development service for real estate agents. For those who want to know if their website is healthy enough to secure leads, Homepocket also offers users a free website scan from their system that analyzes current site status and provides quick fix instructions.

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  1. Nancy Gregg says

    I have been working with HomePocket and I am so impressed with their knowledge and understanding of how to get the website seen by clients and ranking ahead of the competition. Technology standards change so fast and it’s hard as a Realtor to keep up! The experts at HomePocket are so insightful and do a great job of staying ahead of the game. The best part is that I feel they have my best interest in mind which isn’t always the case elsewhere.

  2. I recently worked with HomePocket to launch a new website for my business. They gave incredible support and explained the steps they were taking to help improve the website’s ranking (visibility) in searches for key terms in my area. I have worked with a number of real estate industry vendors during my career and am very impressed with HomePocket. Additionally, their site is a great search tool for my clients as we work together to locate their next home!