Just How Many Do Search Homes Online? [infographic]

You hear an almost continual evangelism of the Internet and mobile for fast forwarding your real estate business. Here at Realty Biz News, at Inman, even at the New York Times real estate portal digital – and – sales is the name of the game. Somehow though, visualizing just what sort of impact the digital revolution has had on the industry is… Well, it’s just hard to imagine.

© auremar - Fotolia.com

Couple searches for a home – courtesy © auremar – Fotolia.com

The infographic below from MountainSeed and visual.ly shows graphically and sequentially just how big an impact online and mobile searches for homes make. For those of you out there missing out on opportunity, the most convincing statistic below is, nearly everyone starts their home search online. Think about this as you browse the graphic.

Home searches via visual.ly

Courtesy visual.ly


  1. Would be very interested in know where they buyers are starting their search as our average client received anywhere from 5-20 leads from our classified ads posts.

  2. Very good information… What is new to me is the information about what buyers most frequently search for, # of bedrooms and baths, etc. Good to know for blogging. Thanks.