New Albanian Real Estate Site Launched

Sam DardhaFor those interested in investigating property in Albania, a new website has just launched to reveal a network of local professionals and property search capabilities.

The site, Albania Estate, features investment properties, rentals, resorts, and information about the market in Albania.  Ilir Dardha (left), Albania Director, had this to offer:

“We are very pleased to launch our new website. Since launching Albanian property for sale in 2005, the demand for property here has grown and grown, due to the very low property prices and capital growth and rental return projections. Now we want to offer more services and features to cater for this emerging market.”

From residential to commercial in Albania’s capital of Tirana, to the beaches in Durres and Saranda, the new site helps those interested in properties in Albania, as well as professionals in associated fields to study and connect on opportunities along the Albanian Riviera and the surrounding regions.

Rental management, property management as well as other services are presented in several languages as well. For more information, please visit the site links above, or consult with Albania Real Estate directly at: +1 414-852-5513 – There’s also a Facebook profile for the new portal here.

Albania rental property


  1. james marquardt says

    I saw their web site at and it was pretty impressive…. i recommend everyone sees it.

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