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Setting up a Business: How Can Accountants Help You?

By Al Twitty | September 4, 2021

You may not realize it, but accountants can help you with the growth of your business. Upon hiring their services, they assist in various phases of business development. These professionals can handle more tasks apart from tax returns and payrolls.

It is sound to listen to the advice of professional accountants. May it be a team, a pair, or an individual, they have magnificent talents, skill sets, and mind power to offer. Are you wondering how this can apply to your business? If yes, then we invite you to continue reading this article and check it out here to learn more.

Why should you get the Services of Accountants?

Several modern-day entrepreneurs choose to launch some sort of business with all the tools including the one from Revel Systems and resources at their disposal. Every type of accountant can handle different aspects of your business development.  Their expertise range from bookkeeping, tax preparation, internal auditing, forensic accounting, CFO accounting and many more.

Having the skill set of professional accountants is valuable for the continuous growth of your business. They can give you sound business advice when you need it. If you are now wondering if there are accountants near me for immediate consultation, there are few and select trustworthy companies. These are business entities that can offer you the help that you require. 

There are times where you don’t need to hire an accountant on a full-time basis. A brief two to four hours of their time can give you valuable insight. Keep in mind that these professionals handle the best businesses in the country. They have the proper experience and collection of knowledge that they can share with you. 

There are several excellent reasons for getting the advice of professional accountants. They can offer valuable knowledge during the different crucial stages of your company's growth. Ranging from either a business plan towards the formation of a company, tax audit, or loan application, any accountant has the proper skill set that can ease out some of your business processes.

Normally, as with owners of small businesses, saving resources is a top priority on their to-do lists. They may wonder how expending money to hire an accountant can make some changes? Or if the effort is even worth it? We recommend you consider all the tasks that you are to handle when it comes to the financial aspects of your business. An accountant has the proper education, training, experience, and skill set to deal with your finances.

Reasons to Hire an Accountant

As an example, when a business owner deals with their finances, it can sometimes take up hours of work. If one hour of your time costs ten dollars, then imagine the revenue you’ve lost while dealing with the finances yourself. Typical with multi-tasking entrepreneurs, dealing with finances by themselves signifies a loss of time and revenue. 

There is even the factor of human error. Not all the calculations you make as an entrepreneur will be as precise as a financial professional. You can easily make mistakes without knowing them. Hiring an accountant will give you more time to deal with other parts of your business while taking the responsibility off your shoulders. Here are some other benefits of hiring an accountant:

Writing a Business Plan

When entrepreneurs write a business plan, they can do this task by themselves. However, when they divide to hire an accountant, you are given access to a range of accounting software that these professionals know how to operate. You will get a clear and accurate resulting business plan with few errors present. The plan you will have in hand is then applicable to the growth of your business.

Processing your Business’ Finances

Many business owners flying solo opt to conduct the business finances on their own. Unfortunately, the financial sector of any business, whether big or small, can become a complex assignment for any individual. You won’t have a hard time tracking all of the financial transactions of your business if you involve the help of accountants with the latest accounting software products. 

Constructing a Business Structure

When an entrepreneur is new to any type of business industry, they may consider the type of business structure suited for their function. All businesses differ in legal structure – different types are operating based upon many factors. Some might be private companies, limited liability partnerships, and some are corporations. Independent business owners become sole traders or sole proprietors. An accountant can clarify the difference between each type of business and advise you which one fits the nature of your business.

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The modern-day business industry contains different types of businesses operating with their capabilities, services, and the nature of their products. Any business owner can have a hard time dealing with their finances if they do it by themselves. It is why we recommend looking for the best accounting firm with a fresh delegation of talents and skillsets. These professionals can ease up your financial operations saving you valuable time and resources.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

  • 2 comments on “Setting up a Business: How Can Accountants Help You?”

    1. It was interesting when you said that you can expect professional accountants to provide sound business advice when you need it. As you said, they are valuable for the continuous growth of your business. With this in mind, I would say that it is best for a company to hire an accounting service, especially when they need help in analyzing their finances well. I could imagine how an accountant could help to ensure that a business won't end up losing money due to improper decisions.

    2. You are right on point. After our tax bill was high I hired Gita Faust to do an internal audit of our QuickBooks and she saved us over $10k in taxes. It took a while to gather all documents. Best part is she does not have to come to our office. Gita and her team helps us daily with analyzing our properties, KPI and bookkeeping.

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