You have heard the mantra a hundred times before: As California goes, so goes the nation. The mantra covers everything from groundbreaking environmental protection statutes to cutting edge new music emanating from Southern California. The mantra is not good news for the rest of the country, as Californians are working hard to climb out one

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State of The Market: Real Estate Trends in California

California has been put through the ringer this year with rising interest rates, natural disasters, and now the Carr fire. All of these events factor into the economy and real estate market.

Chinese Homebuyers Likely to Be Hurt by Currency Restrictions

Recently China formally imposed new currency restrictions and according to the SF, these are most likely to affect the middle-class in China and in the United States.

Institutional Single Family Rental Purchasing Shifts

As reported by Morningstar Credit Ratings, as the institutional residential rental market matures, so does the dominate geographic location of new purchases. At the same time, key sources of new purchases has changed. The prevailing geographical location has shifted from the southwest United States to the southeast. While Florida remains the industry’s

Redfin Predicts This Year’s Hottest Neighborhoods

Redfin, the next-generation real estate brokerage recently announced its annual list of hottest neighborhoods predicted to be the hottest this year. The top neighborhood was Bushrod in Oakland.

Why You May Need to Check Your Home Inspector Is up to Scratch

Home inspectors carry out a vital service for anyone purchasing a home, but an article in has highlighted the need to check that your chosen home inspector is actually qualified to catch potential home disasters.

Are Some US Cities in Housing Bubble Territory?

There are now six cities that are in danger of having a housing bubble, where they have recovered from the housing crisis too quickly and where their housing markets are considered to be overvalued.

US Real Estate Investors Choosing Out-Of-State Markets

An increasing number of people in well-paid jobs are unable to buy homes close to work. This is a particular problem for those located on the US coasts where property is amongst the priciest in the country. Now, according to a Reuters article, increasing numbers of people in this situation are targeting markets outside these

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Compass Continues Expansion by Launching in San Francisco

Compass, a technology driven real estate platform is continuing its national expansion with the recent launch of its San Francisco location. The firm is already well-established in luxury markets throughout the country and is looking to bring a more sophisticated real estate experience to Bay Area customers. The founding team in San Francisco features the

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SaveOnFees Launches Online Service to Help Revolutionize Home Selling

SaveOnFees inc., a California company, recently announced its initial launch in Orlando before revolutionizing the residential home selling experience nationwide. The company recently completed its seed round of financing and is now due to launch its free online service for home sellers at the Orlando Home & Garden Show on September 9-11. This will be

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