6 Unconventional steps to finding new real estate clients

6 Unconventional steps to finding new real estate clients Even in the expected high-churn realty landscape of the ‘new-normal’ COVID era, realtors will have to keep finding new leads,  We’ve always relied on the old-school basics because they work, and will continue to work, but the pandemic has caused an unprecedented shift towards buying everything

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The Lifeblood of Your Business: 6 Proven Ways to Get More Clients as a Real Estate Agent

The marketplace for real estate agents is more competitive than it’s ever been and trying to attract clients and new customers to your business can be difficult work. However, instead of throwing money into new investments and ideas, the best bet is to plan your approach and make smart decisions. With this in mind, today

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How to make yourself appeal to luxury real estate clients

Any real estate agent who’s thinking of breaking into the luxury market should be aware that dealing with high-end clients is quite a different kettle of fish from traditional buyers.

Ideas to Attract Clients Online

It’s not always easy being a marketer in the real estate sector. For sure, there are challenges in the real estate market that are just too difficult to avoid.

ProspectNow helps agents to find more clients

ProspectNow is hoping to change that by providing real estate agents with the tools they need to quickly and easily identify homeowners who’re likely to want to sell their properties within the next year.

Real Estate Agents Stand out from the crowd with a handwritten note to your clients

What with social media and email having become the standard way for real estate agents to communicate with their clients, a great way to stand out from the crowd is by sending the occasional handwritten note.

Here’s why referrals are so important for real estate agents

A new survey on referrals has quantified just how important they are, with the advice from ReferralExchange and the Council of Residential Specialists being that they’re so vital that they could help real estate agents to keep business flowing around the year.

How to write a newsletter that clients will actually read

Anyone who uses email regularly for work will know only too well how annoying those emailed newsletters can be

4 home-buying myths you need to dispel

When someone’s in the market for a home they invariably turn to friends and family for advice. But while those people are only trying to be helpful, they often provide incorrect advice.

Real estate pro Lee Mintz goes the extra mile to land her clients

Good real estate agents know that sometimes they have to go to extraordinary lengths to land their clients, and for one L.A.-based professional, that means amassing a vast collection of Air Jordan sneakers.

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