Leveraging your local knowledge and skills to help investor clients

There are few better investments than real estate, and that’s reflected by the fact that Bankrate recently found property deals are the most popular investment choice for Americans today.

How Important is Word of Mouth Advertising for Agents?

According to the National Association of Realtors® 88% of both home sellers and buyers used an agent in 2014. Of the other 12%, 7% bought directly from a builder and 5% bought directly from the seller. The question agents should be asking is how does that 88% decide which agent to go with? The numbers

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Six Signs Your Clients Are Ready To Take The Plunge

Are your clients looking to build their portfolio with investment properties? Here are six signs that they’re ready to make the investment plunge.

Realtors, Run Ahead of the Pack – Showcase Your Listings in 3D!

Imagine a prospective buyer’s reaction when you pull out your phone and suggest a virtual walk-through of your listings – in bright 3D color! Guaranteed, you will have their attention, and once you’ve piqued their curiosity, you’ve won half the battle. Now, agents can actually add such a tool to their arsenal, gaining a competitive

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Questions You Should Ask That Prospective Realtor

Real estate agents love referrals, much of a professionals business is derived from recommendations or other forms. But what about once you are referred to an agent? What sort of questions can you ask that will help you make a qualified decision as to hiring or not hiring a prospective real estate professional? Here are a few that can help you make the right choice.

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