The Most Important Home Features to Emphasize in a Listing

When selling a home, it’s important to put your best foot forward by emphasizing the most important features. Unless you’ve been in real estate for a while, though, it may be a bit hard to know exactly what features these are. Five of them are outlined below, so have a look and get your house

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Americans are disinfecting their homes and converting garage spaces

The way people design their homes is being influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced them to spend more time indoors, and those new trends could stay with us for years to come. Examples include garage spaces getting more attention, while cleanliness is also a major factor, according to the America At Home Study

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The Hottest Features for Todays Homebuyers

We live in an age of immediate gratification, and standout features can win over potential homebuyers. These homebuyers want structures that feature smart devices, communal and recreational spaces, and indoor-outdoor areas.

10 Helpful Tips to Sell Your Home this Winter

Selling your home can be stressful anytime, but especially during the Winter. Temperatures can be freezing, there are less daylight hours, and that beautiful spring landscaping is replaced with browning lawn. However, although you may have fewer buyers during the Winter, the silver lining is you will also have less competition from other sellers. Since not everyone can or wants to wait to sell during the warmer months, here are a few ideas to help boost your home’s marketing appeal now.

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