Should You Get A Home Inspection Prior To Buying?

 Many prospective buyers rush to finalize the purchase, only to find out the slew of structural inefficiencies in the home’s foundation later on. Hence, in most cases, a home inspection before buying a home is considered mandatory. Home inspections provide a comprehensive report of your property, saving money and time in the process. For example,

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Rectifying Final Walkthrough Issues- Don’t Get Stuck With A Problem

One of the final steps before closing on your home is the final walkthrough.  In some circumstances, your final walkthrough may not be as perfect as you expected. What is the Final Walkthrough? This is a home buyer’s last chance to determine if the home is being delivered as expected as well as what is

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Top Things to Check During a Home Inspection

Home inspections identify possible environmental, structural, and infestation problems that, if left uncorrected, could turn into dealbreakers. Certain items should always be on a home inspection checklist, and your particular situation may mean the inspector should assess additional items. Buyers should always conduct a home inspection, and sellers can arrange for one before putting the

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5 Myths about the Home Inspection Business

It’s estimated that there are more than 25,000 home inspection businesses in the U.S. alone. Home inspections as a career or business opportunity can be very appealing – it offers flexibility, challenges, the chance to be your own boss, and the satisfaction of helping others. And, despite the many disruptors facing real estate, home inspections

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5 questions to ask before hiring a home inspector

Fifty years ago, only one in 50 homes were inspected before a sale. We have since seen a seismic shift in pre-sale inspections,

How to handle unexpected discoveries during an inspection

Sometimes inspections reveal a few unwanted surprises; here are some tips on how to handle it with a client Your clients have decided to sell. They’re eager to make their home look its best, get it on the market and, of course, receive top dollar for their property. Maybe they’ve done some landscaping or finally

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Why you need a Termite Inspection for Real Estate Transactions

Buying a house is a really exciting time, whether it’s your first home or your 100th. But, before you can sign all the paperwork and call the place your own there are certain procedures and reports that need to be completed. One of these is the termite inspection and you’ll need a local pest control

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Tips for Negotiating After the House Inspection

Buyers and sellers often think negotiations are complete once both parties have signed the purchase agreement. Reality is that another round of negotiations is frequently needed after the house is professionally inspected. The inspector’s job is never to decide if the agreed price is correct or what it should be. Nor should the inspector be

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5 Reasons You Need a Home Inspection Before You Buy

In some states and counties, you don’t have to have a piece of property inspected before it is bought and sold. This lack of a requirement pretty much makes seller’s disclosure statements not even worth the paper they are printed on. You can walk through a property, find out when the HVAC system was replaced,

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How To Avoid Real Estate Bargains that Leave You Broke

The real estate industry in New Jersey went anemic for many years but is slowly getting back on track again with median homes sitting at so enticing price of $318,800, which is about up by 8% from last year’s. Although the current offers do not match the hefty prices during the pre-recession peak more than

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