The best neighborhoods ranked by their investment potential

Real estate investors looking for the best neighborhoods would do well to check out this new list from ATTOM Data Solutions.

Investment Opportunities for Foreign Buyers in Indian Real Estate

The real estate industry of India was going in a downward trend for the last few years and suddenly, in the last year or so, the demand seems to have picked up.

Potential Top Three Reasons for Borrowers to Use Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding is one of the simplest ways for an investor to add real estate to their portfolio and for borrowers to quickly, and securely, raise funds for projects.

Presenting Opportunities to Your Money Partner

Today’s market remains being about finding private money to finance your real estate deals. Finding the money isn’t that difficult to accomplish. However, closing the deal with your money partner won’t happen unless you go about it the right way. Presenting an opportunity to a money partner is about selling two things. First, is selling

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Attractive Property Markets for Chinese Investors

The Chinese investment marketplace is growing by leaps and bounds. As more and more Chinese citizens become affluent, so their need to find ways to invest grows too. There has already been a large property bubble growing within China, (and there’s some evidence this bubble may burst too), so the practice of investing in “brick and mortar” commodities is well established, and in many cases ingrained into potential investors. All this said, investing outside of China has never been more in demand for those with resources in the country.

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