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Real Estate Investing 101

By Brian Kline | March 4, 2015
Wholesaling real estate is often a good entry point for new investors. When done right, investors never even own the real estate. They control it through a contract with an option to buy but not an obligation to buy. While it doesn't take much cash to invest in wholesale real estate, it does take get […]
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Court Step Sales Going to Institutional Investors

By Brian Kline | December 26, 2013
Institutional investors continue to impact small real estate investors as they move heavily into buying on courthouse steps. This is having a bigger impact on small investors than many realize. The reason is that small investors take a risk buying on courthouse steps that is rewarded with a deep discount (typically 30%) so they can […]
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Cole Real Estate Investments Hit Upsurge

By Al Twitty | September 27, 2012
Thirty-nine single-tenant retail acquisitions in 12 states, amounting to USD 172.2m – That’s how much Cole real Estate Investments (Cole) has garnered over the past 30 days.
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Window to the Top Real Estate Investing Funds

By Phil Butler | September 19, 2012
Real estate investment during these critical economic times can be a mixed bag. The market in the United States, and abroad, varies between boom and busted depending on which news source one pays attention to. What with all the chaos in Europe, joblessness in the US, and a China stunned by the rest of the world's money woes, it's tough to predict a winner.
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Are We Facing The End Of The Fix And Flip Market?

By Daniel Doran | August 24, 2012
Investors across the country are finding their fix and flip investment strategies harder to implement.  The distressed properties are still out there.  The problem is the influx of buy and hold investors who are willing to pay higher prices for these distressed properties.  These new investors to the party are cutting in to the profit […]
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Leasing Commercial: The Growing Trend

By Phil Butler | December 20, 2011
The last three or four years have witnessed unprecidented foreclosures, homeowners underwater, a need for rental properties that may well be the next real estate bubble. Residential properties seem on the upswing, that's for sure. But what about the commercial end of the market? A home is one thing, businesses needing growing space, that's quite another.
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