Quicken Loans ranked as top mortgage originator again

Borrowers say they’re slightly less satisfied with their mortgage originators, and it seems that too much technology might be to blame for it, according to a new study from J.D. Power. The newly published J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study shows that lenders have been increasingly adding new self-service features to their

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Homeowners and appraisers disagree on home valuations

The gap between homeowner’s perceptions of their properties’ value and what appraisers say their homes are actually worth is growing bigger

Homeowners & property appraisers see eye-to-eye

Homeowners and real estate appraisers are finally seeing eye-to-eye (almost!) following years of contrasting opinions over the valuation of properties.

Freddie Mac Partners with Quicken Loans to Score Success with Mortgage Customers

Freddie Mac announced partnership with Quicken Loans to offer a series of opportunities to individuals to own a dream home. The partnership between the two financial firms was announced during the 102nd Annual Convention and Expo held in San Diego, California. About 4,500 finance professionals relating to the real estate sector attended the convention that

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Who’s Right in the Mortgage Industry?

There are at least three separate positions on the direction the mortgage industry is going but probably more. Federal agencies have one, traditional banks have another, and nonbank lenders still another. Of course, individual agencies, banks, and nonbanks each have their own take on the issues. Traditional Banks Pull Back Big Time At the heart

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