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Dallas Tops the List of Best (and Worst) Markets for Real Estate Investors in 2015

Dallas, TX secures the first spot in the US for providing the best returns on residential real estate investment this year, according to a recent study conducted by an online real estate firm, BiggerPockets.

Average US Rate on 30-Year Mortgage Slips to 3.76 Percent

The average rates on 30-year mortgage loans in the US have decreased to 3.76 percent, down from 3.79 a week earlier. The rates were a little lower due to the expectations that the Feds will not increase its rates on short-term loans in the near future.

US Senators Call for Action Against Zombie Foreclosures

US senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez have requested the housing and banking leaders through a letter take action against zombie foreclosure that is plaguing the real estate market, DS News reported.

Data Reveals Pittsburgh is #1 City for Home Flippers

Pittsburgh is the best city in the US at the moment for home flippers, according to recent real estate data released by RealtyTrac. The city provided the best profit for home flippers during third quarter this year.

Recent Home Sales Stats Shows Strong US Real Estate Market

Home sales figures stood at its second highest rate last month as compared to the past eight years last. According to the sales figures released by National Association of Realtors (NAR) home sales have shown an uptrend in four of the past five months.

Foreclosure Rates Have Declined Significantly in the US

Foreclosure sales have declined in the US as compared to five years ago, according to a recent real estate data released by HOPE NOW.

WIFI Connected Smart Cars: The Future of Transportation

Smart cars that recognizes voice commands and safely take passengers to their destinations seem like science fiction at the moment. But the concept could become reality in the US very soon.

Freddie Mac Partners with Quicken Loans to Score Success with Mortgage Customers

Freddie Mac announced partnership with Quicken Loans to offer a series of opportunities to individuals to own a dream home. The partnership between the two financial firms was announced during the 102nd Annual Convention and Expo held in San Diego, California. About 4,500 finance professionals relating to the real estate sector attended the convention that

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Technology Takes CRE To New Heights

Technology has had a profound effect on our culture and daily lives; ranging from communication to buying consumer goods. In recent times, the impact of technology on the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) sector has increased exponentially. This has not only affected CRE transactions, but also has a significant influence on investors, brokers and tenants alike.

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Feds are now expanding access to a range of Mortgage Loans

During the first week of August, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced its plans to expand credit facilities for all underserved borrowers and ease the risk for all approved lenders. This new measure is intended to broaden the measurement metric for assessing a lender’s default performance. This move is an attempt to expand mortgage loan

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