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Tips for Selling Tenant-Occupied Property

By Brian Kline | April 24, 2019
It’s certainly your house to sell. But tenant-occupied investment houses present unique challenges when owners are ready to sell. You have two primary concerns that need to be dealt with. 1. The tenant has specific rights that you must comply with. Not complying can cause bitterness from the tenant and very possibly fines and/or fees […]
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Ask Brian: I’ve Decided to Sell. What Do I Do Now?

By Brian Kline | April 23, 2019
Ask Brian is a weekly column by Real Estate Expert Brian Kline. If you have questions on real estate investing, DIY, home buying/selling, or other housing inquiries please email your questions to [email protected] Question. Kim from TN writes: Hi Brian. I’ve been on the fence about selling my home and buying in another neighborhood that […]
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5 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

By Jamie Richardson | December 17, 2018
It can be a difficult decision to sell your home but once you’ve decided it’s important to get the best possible price for your property. This isespecially true when it appears that property prices have now peaked. Part of getting the best possible price is to find a real estate agent that has a great […]
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Thinking of Clearing Up Your Junk Before Selling Your Home? Consider This

By Allison Halliday | December 14, 2018
Lots of people hold onto far too much junk these days than they should and they're making a big mistake. Not only do you probably not need all that old electronic equipment anymore, it could be worth money to you. And clearing it could save you space for something better. If you're considering clearing your […]
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Selling your Home fast without spending a Fortune

By Jamie Richardson | August 12, 2018
When you think about selling your home, it’s only natural to think of the profit you will hopefully be making. This money can then be used as a down
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If you List It, They Might Not Come…

By Brian Kline | June 6, 2018
Today’s residential market may be the hottest since 2007 when all you needed to do was fog a mirror to qualify to buy a house. But that doesn’t mean sellers can skimp or take shortcuts with critical steps in the sales process and still expect top dollar for a fast sale.
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A Guide to Selling Real Estate to Millennials

By Jamie Richardson | November 9, 2017
When you are in the real estate business, selling homes is your top priority, but with the changing demographic of the population, you need to address and update your selling strategies to maximize
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