Understanding the Risks of Investing in a Vacation Property

Traveling for leisure is one of the greatest pastimes in America and around the world.  Certain destinations in the United States are incredibly popular with travelers and have been for decades.  For example, travelers love Branson, Missouri, for live entertainment. The Florida panhandle is known for its beautiful, family-friendly beaches. The North Carolina Outer Banks

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Los Cabos Luxury Villas Travel Trends

Cabo San Lucas is considered to be one of the best destinations to visit if you’re looking for a place that offers plenty of exciting activities. Cabo has several attractions which offer different experiences that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can experience water sports like snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, swimming, kayaking,

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9 Things To Consider When Buying A Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home is a big decision so don’t rush it One of the biggest investments a great number of people will ever make is their personal residence.  Therefore, when it comes to buying a vacation home there are even more things to consider. For some, it is a rite of financial passage of being

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5 Vacation Rental Investment Tips

With the rise of the internet, customers no longer need to rely on travel agencies and hotel accommodation. Instead, they can make their own travel plans and rent out vacation homes for a fraction of the price. Because the demand is so high, investing in the right vacation rental home can be a brilliant choice.

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Is Now the Time to Buy Vacation Property?

While it’s true that many people are just now getting back on their financial feet and buying a primary residence is their number one priority, others find themselves in a better financial situation.

Purchasing a Vacation Home with Friends or Family

Vacation homes can be costly to purchase and time consuming to maintain in addition to your main family home. This is why realtor.com has pointed out that purchasing a vacation home with friends or family can be a good solution. While purchasing a primary residence with family or friends might not be such a great

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The How and Why of Buying Property Abroad

Because this is a web post and not a ten volume work of international real estate, we’ll have to limit ourselves to very general explanations. But this may be sufficient to make interested parties out of those on the fringe, and action-takers of the people already interested. There are many reasons that people buy property

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Top Five Ways to Maximize Your Vacation Rental Property

How can you get the biggest bang for your buck this season? Here are our top five ways to maximize your vacation rental property.

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