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How Reliable Are Utility Comparison Websites?

By Jamie Richardson | March 31, 2019
Comparison websites conveniently provide company owners and individuals an efficient way to look for a better energy deal. Switching suppliers is a recognised best practice among all kinds of consumers because you are almost always guaranteed to find a cheaper rate by moving to a new energy supplier. Moreover, business energy contracts usually get transferred […]
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[Infographic] Gain Competitive Edge with Your Website

By Mihaela Lica Butler | January 18, 2013
Since we began RealtyBizNews one recurrent thematic, or perhaps we should say "problem", has veritably haunted us - the relative mediocrity of real estate sites and digital engagement. Perhaps no other industry, at least no other major one, has shown more utter disregard for the potential of online branding - let along sales and conversion. This is tough love, but truth in fact.
US Real Estate

Zillow Acquires HotPads for $16 Million

By Phil Butler | November 27, 2012
In real estate technology news, Zillow has announced the acquisititon of real estate search site HotPads for an estimated $16 million in chash. This acquisition is supposedly slated to grow Zillow's "rental audience" as well as extend the company's marketing for rental pros.
Brokerage, US Real Estate

Cheeseheads & Online Homes Sales

By Phil Butler | October 10, 2012
Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful, and yet under-publicized states in America. Perhaps it has something to do with the Winters? But what of real estate and Realtors there? In keeping with our ongoing assessments of agencies online, we look at Milwaukee sellers to see how so called Cheese Heads use digital channels.
Advertising, US Real Estate

Wisconsin's Shorewest Realty Shows Up On Radar - Others Don't

By Phil Butler | October 9, 2012
"Pulling out the stops", sometimes that's what it takes to break ahead of the competition. This morning an article over at Inman News tweaked my interest in a real estate company that may just be pulling those proverbial bonds of convention. Wisconsin based Shorewest Realtors not only released a cutting edge new website, but went to TV advertising to tell about it.
Editorial Insider, US Real Estate

Becoming the World's Greatest Realtor: Step One

By Phil Butler | June 23, 2012
When I set out to evaluate the real estate industry, in as far as ways in which value could be added at the "B" and "C" ends of the spectrum, I did not set out on any "witch hunt" for mediocrity. How do even the best agents plan to "step up" their game to meet the ever changing landscape of real estate needs?
Coaching, Featured News

4 Steps to Improve Your Online Presence

By Glenn Gutierrez | January 12, 2011
When a potential client "Google's" you, what will be their first impression? Does your online presence match your desired business face? Is your storefront nice enough to showcase the expertise treasures inside? Are you in a good neighborhood on the web? For Realtors there is no more important branding tool than a fantastic online footprint.
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