Google Ads for Realtors: How Much Does a Lead Cost?


Virtually every real estate professional markets themselves online one way or another, whether it’s through their own website or simply by dumping their listings on multiple MLS’s and sites like Trulia and Zillow.

Police Search for Missing Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter


Police continue to search for Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter, 49, who vanished after showing a home in Scott, Ark., on Thursday.

Top Tech Services Every Realtor Must Have: Part 2


Part two of my breakdown of the top ten tech services that realtors can benefit from to run their businesses

CoreLogic: Almost 950K Homes Regain Equity


Nearly 950,000 homes returned to positive equity in the second quarter, now bringing the total number of residential homes with equity nationwide to more than 44 million, according to CoreLogic’s latest Equity Report.

Freddie Mac: Housing Market Still Bogged Down


The housing market is struggling to maintain momentum as housing prices moderate and mortgage applications fall, Freddie Mac reports in its latest Multi-Indicator Market Index.

Top Tech Services Every Realtor Must Have: Part 1

realtor tech

I am constantly testing and playing with the latest in online, software and hardware, but there is this core group of services that seem to stay on top of my list because they’re simple and easy to use, as well as free or inexpensive.

Big Money Grows on Farms: Investors Cash In


> Farmland prices continue to soar, producing fields of new multimillionaire farmers in agriculture pockets across the country, reports.

Chinese Buyers Boost Demand for ‘Feng Shui’ Consultants


Real estate professionals are adding a new term to their vocabulary: “feng shui contingency,” due to the rising number of Chinese buyers in the market.

Why Do Indians Love Their Serviced Apartments?


There is no doubt the fact that Bangalore is one of most vibrant and dynamic Indian cities.

Are Exurbs Making a Come Back?


Areas on the outskirts of cities—known as the exurbs—were among some of the hardest hit during the housing crisis, but these areas are gradually recovering years ahead of when many economists had predicted.