NAR sponsors 7 new real estate tech startups


The National Association of Realtors’ strategic investment arm, Second Century Ventures, unveiled the seven companies that will make up this year’s REach class. The chosen organizations will benefit from the technology accelerator program throughout the year.

U.S. homes are still a bargain on the international market


Properties in the U.S. are still considered a “good buy” relative to prices internationally, researchers note at the National Association of Realtors’ Economists’ Outlook blog.

Small earthquakes in Dallas-Fort Worth area linked to fracking


Clusters of small earthquakes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are likely caused by nearby natural-gas drilling, suggests a new study

Seattle’s tiny ‘Up’ house goes up for auction


A 600-square-foot Seattle home, overshadowed by towering retail buildings all around it, known as the ‘Up’ house, awaits its fate after Monday’s auction.

It’s time to make sure your site is ‘mobile friendly’


If your site isn’t optimized and easy to use for mobile users, it will likely get less traffic and go down in the search rankings when people use their mobile devices.

New Apple Watch real estate listings app sparks excitement


Even the real estate industry is excited with the Apple Watch release this April 24 because an Apple Watch app linked to real estate listings will be simultaneously released on that date as well.

Retirees weigh up renovation vs relocation


A recent report revealed that as people edge towards retirement age, the more they value the emotional connection to their home rather than the financial value.

The future of real estate in a hi-tech world

Future real estate

Many believe that the future of real estate marketing is quite grim for real estate agents and it is quite hard to argue with that.

The four C’s: What borrowers need to qualify for a mortgage


Qualifying for a mortgage remains a big challenge for many, as tight underwriting standards persist in the wake of the financial crisis.

Best & worst trees to sell a home


Trees are important to buyers. According to NAR’s 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences, 17 percent of buyers rank a wooded lot/many trees as “very important” features to find in their next home.