Singles View Home Ownership as Key Investment


Seventy-five percent of single home owners ages 25 to 50 say home ownership is important to them, according to a new Century 21 survey.

The Contradictory World of Real Estate Market Reports


If you’re like most real estate professionals, you’ve been confused at one time or another by real estate market reports that seem contradictory or that just make no sense when compared to what you’re experiencing in your market.

Demand for “In-Law Suites” is on the Rise


More homeowners are remodeling their dwellings to create in-law suites for aging parents, with features to make them accessible and safe while providing plenty of space and privacy.

New “.realtor” top-level domains available this October


Get ready to claim your “Realtor” domain name on the Internet. The National Association of Realtors has announced that the new .realtor top-level domain will be available Oct. 23 to NAR members and the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Down Payments Have Doubled for Low-Priced Homes

Down Payment

Buyers looking at lower-priced homes are not only facing major inventory hurdles, they’re also finding that they have to bring more money to the closing table.

Living in an Older City is “Healthier”, claims new study


Older cities are generally healthier than many newer cities because compact street networks promote more walking and biking, according to researchers at the University of Colorado Denver and the University of Connecticut. 

How to Build Trust in your Brand


There was a time when the decision to do business with someone was based on the number of known options and the availability of information about that person or company. If you saturated your local market with advertising, or if you were the only game in town, there was a pretty good chance that you […]

Freddie Mac says “normalized’ economy will soon boost housing


A pick-up in the economy is expected to help propel the housing market forward, with an increase in household formation and a stronger recovery, according to Freddie Mac’s Economic and Housing Market Outlook for August.

Buyer snaps up Lake Tahoe home for 2,739 Bitcoins


A Lake Tahoe home sold last week for $1.6 million in bitcoins, a likely record in terms of sales price using the virtual currency, The Wall Street Journal reports