Real estate firms resort to journalism


A growing number of real estate firms are exercising a stronger publishing arm lately, blending the lines between journalism and branding to expand its reach with prospects.

Meet Knocker: The ‘Tinder’ of real estate apps


Searching for houses is a chore. Even I, as someone with about $100 in savings, know that. Which is why Knocker is a welcome new option.

Twitter surpasses LinkedIn as #1 social media site for salespeople


Twitter has become the No. 1 social media site that salespeople use to garner business, according to research by Forbes.

Realtors confident on next six months


Realtors remain mostly confident in the next six months of the real estate market, thanks to 30-year fixed rates still below 4 percent, continued job growth, and recent measures that have made credit more accessible and cheaper

The rise of the single-person household


A century ago, fewer than six percent of all households consisted of people who lived alone. By 2013, that percentage has jumped to 28 percent

Startups bridge the gap between tech & real estate


Technology has been moving pretty fast in the last few years, but has the real estate industry been keeping up?

Should realtors use drones as a marketing tool?


At the Realtors Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo this month, a number of real estate professionals sat down with Jim Williams, manager of the FAA’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Integration Office to discuss the implications of drone use in the industry

Homeowners say their yards are important


Don’t underestimate the importance of a beautiful yard to home owners and their neighbors.

New home construction data offers hope of Q2 gains


New-home construction is on the upswing: Housing starts climbed last month to the highest level in nearly seven and a half years, and building permits for future construction also reached a seven-year high.

Social Media Marketing to Drive Business

Social media

Social media marketing, if utilized the right way, can increase brand awareness, improve customer loyalty, generate new leads and reduce your marketing expenditures.