Property apps are revolutionizing real estate


Nowadays, however, the advent of the Internet has changed the property landscape and now house sales and rentals are largely driven by just a few big property apps; for example, here in the U.S.A, there’s Zillow and Trulia.

7 Ways to Make Your Home a Burglar-Proof Fortress

7 Ways to Make Your Home a Burglar Proof Fortress

Instead of simply relying on an outdated deadbolt to protect your valuables, there are a few other methods to enhancing the safety and protection of your home

What to do with all the unfinished developments?


The housing crisis left many neighborhoods still unfinished, where builders’ vacant lots and incomplete developments has saddled home values in some communities.

Bidding wars return as inventory tightens up


As housing inventories remain constrained in many markets, some buyers may face increased competition and more bidding wars heading into the spring-selling season.

Home builders let residents “try before they buy”


Several new programs are allowing buyers to try out a condo or resort home before agreeing to purchase it, The Wall Street Journal reports

Americans remain bullish over home values


Home sales may be off to a sluggish start this year, but home owners are still upbeat when it comes to the value of their homes. They’re willing to spend to preserve that value too.

Open Listings aims to do away with real estate agents

Open Listings 1

There’s a new startup in town that’s aiming to take the pressure of the home buying process by letting people cut out the middleman – or in other words, the real estate agent.

Is the trend towards supersize homes set to last?


Last year, new home constructions were bigger than ever before – with the median size of a completed new home averaging at 2,415 square feet

Housing set to pick up pace in 2015, realtors believe


Home sales likely will remain subdued early on in the year before picking up in the second quarter and then maintaining a brisk pace for the rest of the year, predicts a new Reuters poll of economists.

Winter misery takes its toll on real estate


The harsh winter weather throughout the country is shuttering open houses, delaying closings, and keeping some home buyers out of the market.