Remember The Milk: A Free Task Management Tool for Real Estate Pros


If a real estate professional intends to operate efficiently from anywhere using online tools, then it’s very important to have a functional task management system.

$680K Luxury Home Built on the Wrong Lot


Builders spent six months building a custom 5,300-square-foot house with ocean views in Hammock Dunes, Fla., but when the Missouri couple who had the home built went to look at their new beachside abode, they found an empty lot.

NAHB Study Reveals Regional Differences in Real Estate


Depending on where you live, new single-family homes vary drastically on price, design features, building materials, and even financing, reveals a study from the National Association of Home Builders, using 2013 Census Bureau Survey of Construction data.

Post-Foreclosure Hell: Banks Still Chasing Ex-Homeowners Years Later

Debt Collector

More banks are getting aggressive in pursuing deficiency judgments, finding that the proceeds of foreclosure sales may not have been enough to cover the amount of the loans, plus penalties, legal bills, and other fees.

Low Mortgage Rates Aren’t Enough To Kick Start Housing


Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and housing forecaster Robert Shiller said earlier this year that they expected low rates to serve as a stimulus to home buying this year.

Top 3 Real Estate Trends This Fall


The housing market is expected to heat up this fall, despite buyers showing greater signs of being conservative in their home purchases.

Staying Connected & Keeping it Professional


Technology makes you more connected and with that, comes a rush to always be responsive. But in that rush, you may be tempted to take some shortcuts with your messaging.

Study: Multitasking Makes You LESS Productive


You might want to rethink texting while trying to hold a conversation. Multitasking actually makes you less productive than doing one single thing at a time, and may even damage your brain, according to a study conducted by Stanford University researchers.

Are you Overconnected?


Oversharing things on social media isn’t the only sin technology users have to worry about. There’s another common tech etiquette downfall: never disconnecting.

Team Building: The Key to Real Estate Sales


Teams are a vital part of real estate sales, but sometimes it can feel they happen because everyone’s in the same place at the same time. Task planning site Sandglaz identified six traits that make a team highly effective and increase each member’s productivity.