Home Design

Unexpected Ways to Add Value to Your Home

By Anita Townes | November 9, 2020
When it comes to selling a house, there are few things that everyone thinks of before it goes to market. Redoing kitchens and bathrooms are the classics, but there are plenty of other small, unexpected ways to add value to your home. Mudrooms and Laundry Rooms Often overlooked because of the relatively small amount of […]
Luxury Real Estate

Top Locations for Luxury Homes in the US

By Anita Townes | November 6, 2020
If you’re in the market for a luxury home for sale, a good way to start is to do some investigation about areas that most appeal to you. There are numerous well-known places you can choose from, and you’ll often find many of them feature a proximity to water. This makes sense when you consider […]
Rental Properties

Best Upgrades for Your Rental Property

By Anita Townes | October 30, 2020
A beautiful, well-maintained property is paramount to securing a potential renter. If you're searching for high-quality renters, there are a few simple ways you can attract them. Here are some of the best upgrades for your rental property. By making these changes, your property is sure to catch people's attention. Upgrade Amenities Upgrading to high-quality, […]
Home Buying

Things To Watch Out for When Buying a Home

By Anita Townes | October 29, 2020
Putting an offer on a new home can force buyers into a very precarious situation. Often, they’re tasked with deciding on a home having spent very little time inside the house. Because your window to inspect the property is only open for a short time, knowing what red flags to avoid can make all the […]
Real Estate Resource

How To Transform Public Spaces

By Anita Townes | October 15, 2020
Asset building on your property can be difficult, especially when you do not have room to add value inside of your buildings. Instead of focusing on interior additions, consider providing public assets for all to appreciate. Here is how to transform public spaces and increase your property’s value. Create a Multi-Use Destination Though a large […]
Rental Properties

How To Ensure a Perfect Rental Experience for Your Tenants

By Anita Townes | October 4, 2020
Looking for tenants can be stressful, but so is looking for a new place to rent. Property owners who put extra effort into welcoming new tenants and responding to their concerns will come out on top in online reviews. With experience and the right property management, property owners soon learn how to ensure a perfect […]

Tips To Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

By Anita Townes | September 11, 2020
A well-kept house not only helps you feel proud as an owner, but it also helps retain value and cut renovation costs. If homes are not consistently looked after, larger damage can occur, which means more money to fix it. In your journey toward house preservation, here are some tips to maintain your home’s exterior. […]
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