Video Marketing

Understanding the Power of Real Estate Video Marketing

By Ben Shepardson | November 1, 2023
The real estate industry is a highly competitive market, and video marketing has emerged as a powerful tool to help realtors stand out from the crowd. With the increasing popularity of social media platforms and the ease of sharing videos online, leveraging the power of video has become essential for real estate professionals. In this […]
Real Estate Marketing

Tips for Real Estate Marketing: Strategies, Tools, and Metrics

By Cali Cioppa | October 25, 2023
In today's competitive real estate market, success requires implementing effective marketing tactics. With low inventory and increased competition, it is crucial for real estate professionals to leverage both online and offline strategies. If you find yourself struggling to attract clients and sell properties, fear not. I have compiled a comprehensive list of tips that will […]
Halloween house with Jack O Lanterns
Content Marketing

35 Halloween Greetings for Your Real Estate Marketing Needs

By Victoria Udrea | October 25, 2023
You can modify them to fit your brand voice and adapt them to include your business name, too. Whatever you choose, Halloween greetings will help you engage with your audience in a fun and festive way.
ROI business concept
Content Marketing

How to Measure the ROI of Real Estate Content Marketing

By Mihaela Lica Butler | October 22, 2023
Measuring the return on investment (ROI) allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and determine if they are worth the investment. Consider all the factors that contribute to your investment: the cost of the content, advertising spending, software, etc. Benchmarking your performance helps you understand how your real estate content marketing efforts stack […]
SEO: Google Search's helpful content system and your website

Realtors: Google's New Unhelpful Content Algorhtymn Will Hurt Your Website

By Mihaela Lica Butler | October 12, 2023
Google's helpful content algorithm aims to curb a trend that will potentially (spam) fill Search with unoriginal, invaluable content that provides no satisfying experience to visitors. 
Real Estate Memes for Instagram

Real Estate Memes for Instagram: Engage, Build Brand Awareness, and Connect with Your Audience

By Mihaela Lica Butler | October 7, 2023
Memes are a fun and engaging way to connect with the real estate community and potential clients. Memes, typically humorous or relatable images with captions, communicate ideas and sentiments on a human level. For real estate, these memes often revolve around common industry quirks, experiences, or even just lighthearted jokes related to buying, selling, or […]

10 Content Optimization Strategies That Increase Real Estate Traffic (& Conversions!)

By Ben Shepardson | September 25, 2023
Optimizing content is crucial for driving more traffic to real estate websites and increasing conversion rates. Here are ten strategies that can help real estate professionals achieve this: 1. Keyword Research: 2. Create Quality Content: 3. Utilize Visuals: 4. Optimize for Mobile: 5. Local SEO Optimization: 6. Social Media Integration: 7. Internal Linking: 8. Utilize […]
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