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ECB Decision or Non-decision: On the Economic World's Mind Now [Live Video Update]

By Phil Butler | February 7, 2013
Live update: Watch a press conference with ECB President Mario Draghi now. At midday, Reuters reports EU and global stocks edging up in anticipation of an upcoming ECB Meeting. In about an hour the bank is expected to announce several key decisions impacting other world markets.
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Banco Santander Feeling the Weight of Bad Real Estate

By Phil Butler | October 25, 2012
In news from the Spain real estate situation, Banco Santander SA (SAN), the largest bank in the country, Q3 profits dropped far more than estimates predicted. Bad real estate date saw earnings drop an estimated 94 plus percent, while the bank's net income dropped an estimated €100 million euro.
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News Mixed on Italy Real Estate & Solvency

By Al Twitty | October 19, 2012
In news from Italy's real estate sector, the European Association for Investors reports institutional investors will boost assets in the space by as much as 10% in the coming three years. This news, comes days after reports Italian bankers may suffer a similar fate to their contemporaries in Spain, where the real estate bubble burst.
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This Thanksgiving: Workers Thank Good Cop & Bad Cop

By Phil Butler | November 24, 2011
Will Santa even fuel up the sled this Christmas? News from around the world, whether anyone in the US wants to admit it, impacts Americans' livelihoods. That central fact, however unpleasant, was accentuated and multiplied when Bill Clinton signed into law the NAFTA agreement. Make no mistake, the course President George H. W. Bush set in motion, and his son George W. Bush's shenanigans. Today, all workers should give thanks to those who have made their lives better.
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The Economy, Monkey See, Monkey Do, and You

By Phil Butler | August 5, 2011
The stock market plummets over 500 points, mortgage fraud, worldwide economies on the brink of chaos, jobless rate stagnant, huge corporations felling whole rainforests - global meltdown imminent. Isn't it about time someone sound the fire alarm? I mean, we are taught not to bust the glass and pull the red lever in grade school, that is, unless there is smoke - but markets are billowing smoke these days?
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