Generation X homeowners recover most equity since last recession

Baby boomers and millennials usually grab most of the headlines as the biggest movers and shakers in real estate, but Generation X’ers, the generation

Zillow: Gen X homeowners struggling to build equity

Gen X homeowners bore the brunt of the housing crash, and it still shows a decade later as they lag behind in gaining equity in their homes

Generation X makes its mark on real estate

An improving economy, multiple years of strong job growth and the notable increase in home values in most markets fueled a greater share of purchases from Generation X households over the past year.

Generation X Aren’t Buying Homes

Home ownership rates have been declining for the past ten years, a fact that is often attributed to Millennials failing to get on the property ladder. In fact, Generation X is largely to blame. According to Harvard’s State of the Nation’s Housing report for this year, homeownership amongst those aged between 35 and 54 has

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Smart homes are what Consumers want

Home owners are showing a bigger appetite for smart home technology. Nearly half of consumers — 46 percent — say it’s important their current home or the next home they purchase have smart home technology

Fewer People with Underwater Mortgages

During the second quarter of this year 17% of homeowners had mortgages which were still underwater, in spite of home values increasing steadily. This equates to around 8.7 million homeowners but the figure is steadily declining. During the first quarter of the year 18.8% of homeowners were in negative equity, and a year ago 23.8%

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Not Buying a Home with $200,000 in Student Loans

Shane McClelland is a 27 year old divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio. He graduated from law school two years ago and set up his own law practice. He considers himself among the lucky Millennials because he can afford to rent an apartment instead of having to live with his parents well into his 20s as

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