Spice Up Your Real Estate Website With Free Images From Getty

Getty has just created an embed tool – something similar to what Twitter and YouTube have – that allows websites to use its pictures for free by pasting in an embed code.

Top Web Design Trends Realtors Must Follow

Does your real estate website need an update? If it’s been left unchanged for a while, it might have started gathering a few cobwebs – and if so, and update is a must.

IDX Website Platform Placester Announces New Partnership with EXIT Realty

Cambridge, Mass.-based real estate website platform Placester has joined the elite group of companies that comprise EXIT Realty’s Approved Supplier Program.

The 7 Best Stock Photography Websites Currently on the Internet

Let’s face it, when it comes to the appearance and overall feel of your real estate website, having the right photos can make or break a user’s experience. Depending on where you live or the real estate market in which you do business, finding attractive, professional photographs and images shouldn’t be too difficult.

12 Real Estate Websites With Striking Home Page Designs

Your real estate website’s homepage is critical for keeping traffic on the site and increasing the odds of converting that traffic into actual homebuyers. Along with dictating the flow of the site, a homepage’s main purpose is to give you an introduction to what your website is about as a whole, and of course to make a positive first impression on users who reach your page.

How To Add Infographics To Your Real Estate Website

When building a real estate website, including things like content, photos, and even videos is of course the bare essentials if you really want to drive traffic and keep home buyers on your site. But what else can you do to dress up your site and provide for an even better user experience that will not only keep home buyers on your site for the time being, but keep them coming back down the road?

How To Know When To Use Keywords On Your Real Estate Website

It’s no secret that quality content is one of the most crucial factors to include on a web page if achieving a high-level of search engine optimization is priority for your real estate website. With the release of the Google Panda update, which focuses heavily on promoting quality content throughout your website, one of the main concerns for real estate agents building out a high-traffic website is how often to use various keywords relating to your business.

Placester Releases New Responsive Design Real Estate WordPress Theme

Earlier this month, Placester released a brand new real estate theme that should fit the needs of today’s tech-savvy real estate agents looking to gain an edge. Being called Plymouth, what makes this new real estate theme special is that it’s Placester’s first fully responsive real estate website design.

5 “Must-Have” Features on a Real Estate Website

In today’s real estate world, most people start their home search online, and so capturing home buyers through a strong web presence is a key factor in generating more sales leads and selling more homes. But with so many different options for building a website, what are the most important features to include on your real estate website?

How To Know If A Web-Page is SEO’d

If you have a real estate website, following basic search engine optimization techniques is critical for generating traffic and attracting home buyers. While some aspects of search engine optimization are more complex, on-page keyword optimization is easy to understand and easily fixable, even to real estate agents with little web or SEO experience.

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