What Seniors Should Know When Considering a Reverse Mortgage

Despite the amount of marketing that reverse mortgages receive, many people are still unclear on what they actually are. Below are a few things seniors should know when considering a reverse mortgage.

Your Guide To Reverse Mortgage Strategies

People are literally retiring by the hundreds of thousands each year and will continue doing so for the next decade. That means these people will be looking everywhere for retirement funds. One of those places is the equity in their homes. That means reverse mortgages are going to be an attractive option for years to

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Are Reverse Mortgages Too Good to Be True?

As more and more baby boomers move into retirement age, the reverse mortgage is becoming more and more attractive as an additional income source to maintain a high standard of living. As with so many things in life, whether these loans are good or bad depends on individual circumstances. Nevertheless, reverse mortgages should generally be

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Pros, Cons, and Myths About Reverse Mortgages

As the 77 million baby boomers enter retirement at a rate of 10,000 per day, the reverse mortgage marketplace is potentially $1.9 trillion according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, of which only about 10% has been penetrated to date. While this mortgage product has been around for decades, it’s affect on real estate markets

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Boomers And Reverse Mortgages – Another Crisis In The Making?

Every time I see one of those reverse mortgage commercials on television – especially the one with Fred Thompson – I have to fight the urge to throw something at the TV.  I’ll come out of the closet and admit it, I hate reverse-mortgage commercials with a passion that is difficult to describe. For one

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The Impacts of Inheriting Reverse Mortgages

In the next few years reverse mortgages are expected to become increasingly popular in helping to cover living expenses, as baby boomers begin to age. One impact of this is likely to be an increase in the number of children inheriting homes that are attached to these mortgages. Homeowners age 62 or older are able

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Three Things You Should Know About Reverse Mortgage Loans

Have you heard about the psyche that is doing the rounds about reverse mortgage loans and how they have proven to be a boon in these financially difficult times? Yes, they can be a great source of finance to help you handle a number of expenses in your home, but is it worth the risk?

Will Zero Percent Interest Rates Force Older Homeowners Into Reverse Mortgages?

I can honestly say that the current state of the housing market in the U.S. is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in it’s history. Though the Federal Reserve has implemented one round of money printing after another, with unprecedented amounts of cash going to help bolster the secondary mortgage market, housing is still barely conscious

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