Roof Replacement
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Does A Roof Replacement Affect Your Home's Value?

By Anita Clark | May 5, 2019
No matter what market you’re in, a house that needs a new roof is probably going to be a tough house to sell. Unless you’re interested in a prolonged, headache-filled process where your home sits on the market for months, it’s probably better to just replace the roof ahead of the sale.
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Here are 4 things home inspectors don't always check

By Mike Wheatley | July 6, 2017
Home inspectors are known for carefully scrutinizing properties from top to bottom, with checklists encompassing over a thousand features that must be evaluated.
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5 Remodeling projects to consider this summer

By Kara Masterson | May 28, 2017
When remodeling a home, it may not be enough to just make it look better for yourself. If you're a younger homeowner who may not be living in the same home for the rest of your life, you also need to consider how your
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Which Roof System is Best for Your Home?

By Al Twitty | February 17, 2017
So, your roof has finally succumbed to the numerous climatic beatings that have accumulated in roof repair over the years. You’re ready, willing and able to make an ecological stand around your home and would love to start
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Rehabbing From the Roof Down The Inherent Cost

By Brian Kline | July 27, 2015
Rehabbing can be a very profitable business or it can cost you your shirt. The two most expensive repairs can be a new roof and repairing the foundation, although rewiring an old fuse box can be spendy as well. Here we examine the costs and variables that go into replacing a roof and when it […]
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Is Water Secretly Destroying Your Home Or Rental Property?

By Donna S. Robinson | June 15, 2015
Ironically, though everyone ignores their gutters, the fact is they're one of the most important items found on houses in some regions of the United States.
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Solar Panel Roofs Scaring Off Potential Buyers

By Mike Wheatley | June 25, 2014
The leasing of solar panels for a home’s rooftop is growing in popularity because home owners can start saving on their utility bills without paying any upfront money for the system, which typically can cost thousands of dollars to install
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