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When Is a Niche Site "Niche"?

By Dan Vassiliou | March 25, 2013
As SEO agents and internet marketers we have all asked for the same things when looking to gain a link from another site. Is it Niche related? The question I have for Google, who have filled the internet marketing “sphere” with the information that niche related links are more favorable is what makes a link niche related?
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Lifestyle Search System for Oregon Homes - A Voila! Game Changer

By Phil Butler | February 7, 2013
Imagine searching cheesy press releases and finding a real story of real estate tech. Well, this is the one in a million revelation of a Portland broker's new search tool. For people headed to this part of Oregon, this agent just dropped down some value.
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4 Tips For Effective SEO in the Real Estate Industry

By Federico Einhorn | January 17, 2013
Working in the real estate industry is hard work. You put in long hours, and you are never guaranteed a paycheck unless you happen to be in the first few years of the business where the agency is subsidizing your pay. Even still, at some point you'll be expected to produce. Living off of commissions can be done, and there are successes to prove it's possible, but it takes a dedicated effort and some serious marketing skills to survive out there - especially these days. Welcome to Internet marketing: the final frontier.
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[Infographic] Real Estate SERPs: Are You Being Squeezed Out?

By Al Twitty | December 8, 2012
The infographic below from Reel Geeks offers insight into just how the big brands are squeezing most of you out of the results online, plus other tidbits.
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Blog Topics For Realtors

By Joe Heath | March 13, 2012
Are you a real estate agent who just seems to have completely run out of topics for your blog? Well, we're here to tell you that one of the luxuries to working in the real estate business is that there should never be a lack of article ideas to post to your blog or website.
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Mortgage Scammers Using Search Engines To Target Homeowners

By Mike Wheatley | November 23, 2011
The three most popular search engines – Google, Yahoo! and Bing – are being examined by federal investigators who are trying to track down scammers using the websites as platforms to advertise fraudulent schemes that target homeowners, according to a report by the Associated Press. Typical ads placed online by scammers include promises of assistance […]
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