Age is no barrier for mortgage applicants

Many older citizens do not realize that they could still qualify for a mortgage, even though discrimination against applicants based on their age is forbidden by the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Indeed, even some mortgage professionals are unaware of the rules, it seems. The Wall Street Journal relates the case of Mary Babinski, a senior […]

Canadians raise concerns over stricter mortgage regulations

For many Canadians, buying a home can be a challenging and stressful experience fraught with worry. Indeed, a recent survey from Zillow and Ipsos found that 92% of Canadians see at least one barrier to home ownership, and two of the top concerns are related to the mortgage process. Canadians report feeling pressured by stricter […]

Take Advantage of Your Mortgage Options

Probably the biggest difference between a real estate investor and a homeowner is how they approach financing a property purchase. Investors look for creative financing solutions that meet their investing needs. A homeowner’s purchase is just as much of an investment and these people should take a few pages from the investor’s strategy book. Not […]

VA Loan Changes for 2020

VA home loans will undergo some major changes for 2020. The biggest news is the elimination of the long-standing loan limit, a big deal for those buying in hot markets. Another less popular change will be the increase of the VA funding fee.  VA loans are a great benefit available to both veterans and active […]

Quicken Loans ranked as top mortgage originator again

Borrowers say they’re slightly less satisfied with their mortgage originators, and it seems that too much technology might be to blame for it, according to a new study from J.D. Power. The newly published J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study shows that lenders have been increasingly adding new self-service features to their […]

Risky unconventional loans unlikely to cause another recession, economists say

Unconventional mortgages are on the rise, reaching their highest level in 2018 since the days of the Great Recession back in 2008. But these types of mortgages, which include subprime loans for borrowers with blemished credit records, are not going to cause a repeat of that economic crisis, experts say. While these more risky loans […]

What You Need to Know About a Mortgage Forbearance

A mortgage forbearance is not a good thing. For many people facing this dilemma, it can be the first step before foreclosure begins. Probably the most important two things you want to do as you face this prospect are 1) educate yourself about your options and 2) think long term. A mortgage forbearance is NOT […]

Study: Down payment assistance doesn’t mean a higher chance of defaulting

Common wisdom has it that home buyers who rely on down payment assistance are more likely to default on their mortgage repayments, but a new study has debunked that theory. The study, by the Center for Household Financial Stability at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, found that buyers who receive financial assistance with […]

La Crosse Insulation How it Can Boost Your Property’s Value

Insulation provides heat flow resistance for your home and lowers cooling and heating costs. This is done by utilizing materials that slow both convective and conductive heat flow. Proper insulation of your home decreases the flow of heat by providing an efficient heat flow resistance. A frequently asked question is if insulation improves the value […]

The Importance of Drafting In The Real Estate Industry

Drafting, also known as technical drawing, is the discipline or act of visually communicating the way you construct something. It’s essential to communicate ideas in engineering and other fields. In real estate, drafting gives customers and potential buyers all the necessary information that they need to know before making a decision. Professional drafting services, like […]