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What Does A Design Architect Do?

By Jamie Richardson | September 23, 2019
Architects are of many types, among which designer architect is one of them. They work not only on residential and commercial setups but also urban and industrial building design Australia. They give decoration and artistic value to the engineering draw ups. Their work isn’t strictly bound to establish new homes but also work on renovating […]
Real Estate Technology

What is 3D Architectural Rendering?

By Dean Signori | June 3, 2019
3D architectural rendering converts a three-dimensional object into a 2D image. It’s typically done on a computer, and it allows the architect, or anyone else using the image, to see the 3D object on a 2D surface, like a computer screen. This image can then be manipulated in many different ways and used for a […]
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Hot Kitchen Designs Trends to Look for This Year

By Guest Author | September 28, 2016
Family members tend to congregate in the heart of the home for more than just eating, so our kitchens should be both comfortable and beautiful to make our time spent here more enjoyable.
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First-Ever Vancouver Modern Home Tour Takes Place in September

By Allison Halliday | July 24, 2013
The first-ever Modern Home Tour in Vancouver is due to take place on September 14th. This will be Modern Homes Tours second visit outside the US and will give tour goers the opportunity to explore some of the greatest examples of interior design and modern architecture in their own city.
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Understanding Prefabricated Homes

By Guest Author | December 12, 2011
There is always a bit of concern in our minds when we think of our homes. A home is meant to be a stable structure that symbolizes safety and acts as a “comfort-zone” for us all. It is where we come back to unwind or where we wake up to energize ourselves. Basically, home is a place that we can call our own.
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