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What to Know Before Investing in Vacant Land

By Jamie Richardson | August 29, 2022
Despite concerns about its sustainability, the real estate market is going through a boom. While the real estate market is focused chiefly on buying and selling built properties, investing in vacant land can also give you good returns. You can purchase vacant land to sell it for profit or to build your ideal house according […]
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4 Things You Need to Know About Leasing Your Land

By Mike Wheatley | March 24, 2022
Most people would admit that they could do with a bit of extra income, especially because of the financial impact of the pandemic. However, many people don’t know where to start or how to do this.  A great way of making some extra money is to rent out your property because this can bring in […]
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What You Need to Know before Buying Land

By Al Twitty | November 14, 2019
Perhaps it is your first time to plan to purchase a plot of land. But before you get down to it. You will need to deal with the complicated process of attaining the right plot you’d like to pick. Buying a land requires the effort, passion, and your time. Although it is generally simpler than […]
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How to Choose the Right Land Estate for Your Next Investment

By Jamie Richardson | October 28, 2019
Buying land estates is a popular investment option across Australia right now. As the housing market goes up and down regularly, land is always going to hold its value. After all, there is only so much land in the world, and no one is making more. If you choose to invest, you’ll almost always get […]
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5 Innovative Materials for Custom Home Builders

By Mike Wheatley | September 28, 2019
As a custom home builder, it is important to stay on top of new developments regarding building materials. Every year, a new generation of new materials is released, providing builders with better solutions for homeowner needs. Manufacturers continue to create stronger, lighter and sustainable materials that can solve many challenges of construction. The way you […]
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As space dries up on land, Hong Kong looks to build infrastructure underground

By Mike Wheatley | November 27, 2017
As Hong Kong faces up to the reality of its acute land shortage, city officials are looking to solve the territory's housing problem with a truly novel idea - they're looking at building some public facilities underground
International, News

Vladimir Putin Extends Manifest Destiny Across Russia

By Phil Butler | June 20, 2017
Vladimir Putin has declared an expansion of the Russia version of the American Homestead Act, the Far East land giveaway that made headlines last Summer.
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