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Bragging About Memphis

By Brian Kline | August 12, 2013
Beyond the strong real estate market, Memphis has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. From the best barbecue, to great sports, to world-class museums, to hands on activities, Memphis has something to offer everyone.
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The Real Money is in Multifamily Development

By Guest Author | July 22, 2013
The potential for huge profits from turning raw land into a new development is extremely tempting. The fact is that today there is one development opportunity paying big dividends although the overall real estate market remains spotty.
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Memphis, TN, Foreclosures Spike As Bank Settlement Takes Hold

By Donna S. Robinson | June 27, 2012
Now that the official settlement of the "robo-signing" scandal has been completed, and banks are getting back to business as usual, foreclosures in Memphis are beginning to spike significantly. According to an article by local Memphis real estate broker, Joe Spake, which appears on his blog at the "Memphis Real Estate Buzz" Year-To-Date, foreclosures in Memphis are up 35.4% over 2011.
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Graceland: A Home Fit For A King

By Mike Wheatley | March 16, 2012
From Beale Street, the self-professed ‘Home of the Blues’ to Sun Studio, where Elvis and Johnny Cash made their first recordings, Memphis is blessed with an inordinate number of legendary destinations. But as great as these attractions may be, it’s not for them that Memphis is seen as the Mecca for music fans the world over. Of all Memphis’ attractions, only one really matters… That would be Graceland.
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Memphis Real Estate – A Reason for Optimism?

By Mike Wheatley | January 31, 2012
Could 2012 be the year that real estate finally picks itself up of the floor? Across the nation, we are seeing individual markets showing stirrings of life. Of course prices remain at record lows and we still face potentially millions more foreclosures, but on a local scale in many cities, there is much to be optimistic about.
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The Home Investment Dichotomy

By Joe Spake | March 4, 2011
We have been hammered with news stories over the past couple of years about the part of the American Dream that has to do with home ownership. Is home ownership still an aspiration, or is it just looked upon as another bad investment? Constant hype by the real estate industry, over decades, that homes are good INVESTMENTS, brought exhilaration in the real estate market as the investment factor drove it right up to the precipice, and malaise as the market tumbled down.
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