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What Are The Swimming Pool Chemicals Used To Keep A Pool Clean?

By Jamie Richardson | March 19, 2019
Investing in real estate is beneficial to people who know the development trends in a specific place. One of the most anticipated trends is the rising value of houses as time passes, and you can determine this through the amenities and location of the house. One deciding factor of the value of real estate is […]
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Swimming pools under attack in drought-hit California

By Mike Wheatley | June 4, 2015
The state has mandated a reduction in water consumption by 25 percent due to a severe four-year drought, and some cities are pointing the finger at pools as big water wasters
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Top 5 Pool Problems and Solutions

By RealtyBiz News | March 9, 2013
The idealized American dream home usually comes with a swimming pool in the backyard. Those that do have these recreational oases on their property get to enjoy weeks and even months aquatic fun and relaxation with friends and family. Of course, like any fun home amenity, pools require upkeep.
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Garden DIY Tips for the Summer

By Alicia Murphy | June 14, 2012
The greatest joy for most homeowners is the ability to entertain their friends and family. Summer is a prime season for such entertainment as the weather becomes tolerable enough for sitting outside and the sun makes more frequent appearances.
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New Pool Construction On the Rise

By Guest Author | November 30, 2011
The trend is finally taking a turn for the better, new pool construction is on the rise. Since the economic crisis first started the swimming pool industry has taken a huge hit in new pool construction, since people are worried about their jobs and making their mortgage payments, that new pool in the backyard has taken the back seat to survival.
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