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The Paradox of Price Per Square Foot Value

By Hank Miller | January 29, 2013
Price-per-square-foot is widely used as a basis for estimating value, and it is also one riddled with problems. It can be strongly argued that price per square foot has no value in ascertaining value at all. Many variables inherent in deriving price per square foot are insignificant and that renders conclusions based upon them all but worthless. There are of course exceptions; new tract construction, tract condominiums and on occasion newer commercial properties. This article considers existing homes as it is frequently applied broadly and quite inaccurately.
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UK Property and Gentrification in London No Less?

By Al Twitty | January 18, 2013
In a spark of good news from the UK market in London, apparently the country's upper-crust has not been stifled in their property buying habits. Bloomberg-Businessweek just reported even with price hikes because of new taxes, some areas of the city remain hot commodities.
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Investing in Property in Place of a Pension

By Guest Author | September 26, 2012
With a significant decrease in defined benefit schemes and more emphasis being placed on defined contributions as pension provisions, the responsibility for investing for the future is increasingly shifting from the employer to the employee. Taking responsibility for how your pension contributions are invested can be daunting and require significant research and investigation.
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Commercial Real Estate in Today's Economy

By Guest Author | May 30, 2012
With today’s upside down real estate market where many homeowners are being forced to foreclose on their homes, questions are being asked if commercial real estate has been affected the same way and if businesses will be forced to close their doors due to poor market conditions.
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10 Things Every Garage Should Have

By Mike Wheatley | January 5, 2012
Are you tired of your boring garage? Is your current garage one that you can barely park your car I for the clutter, much less spend any time in? Would you spend more time in your garage if it was more comfortable and attractive?
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Edmonton Property Taxes Rise, Assessments Mailed this Week

By Tavis J. Hampton | January 4, 2012
Today, the city of Edmonton, AB sent out property tax assessments to homeowners. For many in the capital of the western Canadian province, the assessments for 2012 will be surprising. Like many areas of the country and around the world, Edmonton’s property values have declined, but despite this, property taxes will still rise. Those homeowners who were […]
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Cities Expect More Budget Cuts as Home Values Continue to Fall

By Tavis J. Hampton | December 27, 2011
The writing has been on the wall for years, but the moment when cities will have to make serious cuts to deal with falling housing prices may come in 2012. Part of the real estate market collapse that rarely gets attention is the effect it has on property taxes. Cities use those taxes to pay […]
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