Real Estate Advertising Is Changing. Are You Keeping Up with the Times?

The data is useful to give real estate agents an idea of how social media impacts purchasing behaviors, as well as to understand which channels perform better for advertising.

REMI Announces Top Three Advertising Keywords

The Real Estate Marketing Insider has just released its weekly top three feature, and this week it’s the three most useful keywords for real estate agents to include in advertising. These three keywords are designed to catch clients’ attention and interest in properties.

Real Estate Agent’s “Sexy” Billboard Ad Sets Tongues Wagging

Few would deny that when it comes to advertising, sex sells. But while suggestive ads are an effective means of reaching out to buyers, that doesn’t mean they are always appropriate.

Century 21 Realty Goes Social with The Sims this Christmas

The Century 21 real estate firm has taken a novel approach to online marketing, advertising its brand on the popular Facebook game The Sims Social over the festive season.

The Seven Second MLS Listing Rule

Seven seconds. That’s how long a listing has to capture the attention of a home buyer who’s sifting through 100’s of real estate listings on the computer as they start their real estate search. Will your listing make their short list?

What Do Successful Real Estate Agents Have in Common?

We recently wrote about how to optimize your profile on ActiveRain, one of the top social networks dedicated to real estate professionals. Last week, ActiveRain released the following infographic and study based on the responses of 1,758 real estate professionals. Of these real estate professionals… 22% of the respondents made over $100K a year and

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Realtors – Join The Hunt With Jaguar

The name Jaguar means “a beast that kills its prey with a single bound”. Appropriate name for the newest listing management system offered for members of RealPlus, as its compatibility with all computers, browsers, hand-helds and tablets, gives real estate professionals access to the information they need all within a single location. Jaguar requires no

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Realtors – What Do Your Website Videos Say About You?

Individuals looking for a home vary in the tools they use, however the vast majority of them use the internet for their searches. According to the 2010 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the internet accounts for 74% of home searches and real estate agents account for another large share – 69%. Traditional advertising

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10 Video Marketing Tips For Realtors

Newspaper listings, although a perfectly good marketing choice, offer realtors a limited area of exposure. Every realtor should have their own website, where they can list homes they are renting or selling. Better still, pictures and descriptions can be even more powerful when video is added to the mix. Using websites such as YouTube, Vimeo,

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Listings By Remote – A Simplified Marketing Strategy For Realtors

Real estate professionals now have another fabulous tool to add to their marketing toolbox – Video on Demand. Not your ordinary “pay-per-view” idea, VOD allows realtors to be able to advertise their listings on numerous real estate websites as well as a “Home Preview Channel” that is set to launch this month, beginning in five

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