Spring Home Buying Season Shows More Positive Signs

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Just recently, the housing market has been quite volatile from month to month which has slowed down the continued recovery. In spite of this the Fannie Mae National Housing Survey shows consumers still have a positive view on real estate which may lead to an increase in selling and buying this spring. Apparently some 38% […]

UK Real Estate Prices Set to Rise 35% by 2020

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UK real estate experts are predicting that house prices will increase by 6% annually for the next five years. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered the Surveyors some homeowners are afraid to put their property on the market for fear of not finding anything else, as there is a chronic shortage of homes for […]

French Riviera Tops List for Most Desired Second-Home Location

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According to an article in World Property Channel.com, property markets around the world have been recovering over the last five years, but it highlights a new report from Savills which views getaway locations as giving the best growth over the next five years. The report is called Spotlight on Prime Residential Retreats. During the economic […]

Price Growth in Australian Cities Unlikely to Continue

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The latest data shows that prices in Australian capital cities rose by 2.3% last month, and values were up in every state month on month. Data for the March quarter also showed gains of 3.5% during the first quarter of this year. Every capital city in the country saw values rise over the past three […]

High Demand Helps Manhattan House Prices Recover

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Real estate prices in other parts of the country may still be 20% below peak values, but it’s a different story in Manhattan. The demand for luxury apartments has helped property prices almost fully recover from the recent crisis. During the first quarter of this year, the median sales price for a co-op or condo […]

Gap between Renting and Buying Is Becoming Smaller

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A new report from Trulia shows the gap between renting and buying home is becoming smaller, but in spite of this owning your own home is still 38% cheaper than renting due to interest rates being 4.5%. It’s expected that buying a property will remain the cheaper option until interest rates rise to 10.6%. The […]

Baby Boomers Anticipate Retiring in Style

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An article in RISMedia , based on the findings of a national survey of baby boomers aged between 49 and 67, shows this generation is optimistic about the prospects of retirement and being able to live an independent and active life. The survey, carried out by Better Homes and Gardens ®Real Estate, shows that 57% […]

Pocket Listings on the Increase

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Apparently pocket listings, where a home is offered for sale by the homeowner but where the information is not made public on the local multiple listing services, are on the increase. The broker/owners of RE/MAX offices in Chicago, Buffalo Grove, Rockford and Belvedere, Illinois have reported an increase in the number of requests from clients […]

Real Estate in Miami Still Selling Strongly

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Real estate in Miami continued to sell well in February. Prices are still rising and properties are selling quickly at close to the asking price, according to an article in Propertywire. Miami remains one of the most popular areas in the US for overseas buyers, particularly with Europeans and South Americans who are looking to […]

Home Sales Dropped in February

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Last month home sales fell by 7.1% compared to February 2013 when a number of homes sold was 4.95 million. This meant home sales reached the lowest level seen for any month since July 2012. The experts are blaming the drop on the weather as well as the QM rule which was introduced in January […]