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Miami Enjoying Greater Real Estate Stability

For the past four years, real estate in Miami has enjoyed residential price increases and the market is continuing to strengthen, Figures from the Miami Association of Realtors show that the Miami-Dade real estate market continued to build in October with properties selling quickly and for close to their asking prices. As a result sales […]

Sales of New US Homes Increased by 10.7% in October

Last month’s sales of new homes recovered quite nicely after declining steeply in September. According to the article in 680 news.com, this restores the year’s trend of an improving market for both builders and real estate developers. Figures from the Commerce Department show that new-home sales increased by 10.7% in October, reaching a seasonally adjusted […]

Landsea to Develop 550 Homes in Orange County

Landsea, a Chinese homebuilder is due to develop 550 homes in Orange County. Although the Chinese economy may be slowing down this shows that overseas developers are still extremely interested in southern California property. The article in the Los Angeles Times points out that this company already has projects in Simi Valley and in the […]

A Foreign Buyer Can Complicate a Real Estate Deal

An article in the Washington Post has highlighted the fact that a foreign buyer could potentially complicate a real estate deal. If the buyer for your house is foreign then this may raise concerns that selling to someone who isn’t a US citizen could complicate the closing process. Common worries include concerns about additional paperwork […]

Just 13% of City Neighborhoods Have Balanced Home-Price Mix

A new report by Redfin has highlighted the fact that there are very few neighborhoods with a balanced mix of home prices and where people of different incomes live side by side. Redfin thinks these types of places are important as people in different income brackets get to live together as neighbors and all will […]

Should Millennials Rent or Buy?

The question as to whether millennials should rent or buy a property right now is one that is constantly being debated but just recently Trulia, one of the major real estate ad companies has been trying to persuade this particular group that it’s time to get on the property ladder. Trulia has analyzed raw data […]

Realtor.com Takes a Swipe at Zillow

According to an article in Housingwire, realtor.com has taken another swipe at Zillow. The online listing company recently completely wrapped a house for sale in Austin, Texas, with wording on the wrapping pointing out that anyone looking for a home on Zillow could be missing out on many properties just like this one. Just recently, […]

US First-Time Buyers Numbers Fall for Third Consecutive Year

A new survey has found the number of first-time buyers in the United States has fallen for the third consecutive year and figures are now at their lowest point for nearly 30 years. Even though home sales have strengthened over the past year the market has been driven by repeat buyers who often have dual […]

Buying a Home Without a 20% Deposit

Saving up thousands of dollars for a down payment isn’t easy, particularly as home prices are increasing, but an article on Fox8.com has outlined a few ways you can get around this problem. The national average listing price for a four-bedroom, two bath home is $302,632 according to figures from Coldwell Banker Real Estate. This […]

Zillow Estimates May Not Always Be Accurate

Zillow is great for seeing how much a property is worth, enabling you to see if your home’s value has appreciated enough for refinancing and you can even take a sneaky peek to find out how much a friend or acquaintance paid for their property. The company offers information on more than 100 million homes […]