Insurance Claims Can Send Premiums Soaring

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Household insurance is there for your peace of mind, but a new report shows filing even just one claim can send your premiums soaring. This increase can run into hundreds of dollars in certain states. Apparently filing just a single claim for anything from tornado damage to a stolen bicycle will see your premiums being […]

Millennials Optimistic about Buying in the Next Five Years

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According to a recent survey by the California Association of Realtors®, most millennials still believe in homeownership and the majority expects to be able to buy a home within the next five years. This was a survey of young adults aged between 18 and 34. Apparently more than half of the millennials surveyed rated homeownership […]

Tips on Avoiding Home Buyer’s Remorse


A recent survey of 2,000 home buyers revealed that four out of five regretted at least one thing about their home. According to the article in CNN, the major complaint was that it simply wasn’t big enough. Other common gripes included a lack of closet space or an inadequate number of bathrooms. Some people […]

Things to Avoid When Buying a Home

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Even though fall is here, and there may be fewer listings, those homes that are on the market are being sold by motivated buyers who intend to keep their property on the market even through the holidays. It is worth having a list of things to avoid when looking for a new home. Buying a […]

Helping Your Parents Purchase a Home


You often hear of cases where parents have helped their child to buy a home, but it is rarer for it to happen the other way round. This could be the case if the children are very successful and want to help their parents buy a nicer home, or perhaps when their current house no […]

Thinking of Accessing Your Home Equity? Things You Should Know


Before the recession, many people were able to tap into their home equity but all this changed during the last few years. However now house prices are recovering, more people have regained access to this source of funding that can help pay for renovations or big-ticket items, or to simply reduce debt. According to an […]

House Price Growth Moderates for 11th Consecutive Month


According to data from Clear Capital, residential property prices have shown moderate price growth for the 11th consecutive month. Yearly gains reached a high of 11.7% in October last year, but declined to just 7.8% through to September this year. This effect is more extreme when you look at figures for the West, where annual […]

Latest Research Shows Increasing Confidence in Real Estate

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The latest Zillow Housing Confidence Index shows Americans generally feel more positive about the housing market compared to the beginning of the year. The index was 63.7 in January, but increased to 64.2 during the summer. The index looks at 20 major metro areas, and residents in 11 of these areas reported increased confidence in […]

Survey Shows Current Attitudes to Smart Homes

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Lowes recently released a survey on smart homes, and discovered that more than 70% of Americans who have smartphones would like to be able to control some feature within their home, without having to move. According to the article in RisMedia, the survey looked at people’s attitudes towards home automation as well as their experiences. […]

Number of Homes Underwater Falls to Just Over 10%

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During the second quarter of this year, nearly 950,000 homes went back into positive equity. This now means the total number of residential properties with equity is now 44 million. The level of borrower equity in the United States rose by approximately $1 trillion during the second quarter of 2014, compared to the previous year. […]