Would You Pay More Than Double for a Waterfront Home?

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If you want a water view then be prepared to pay more than double of the value of homes nationwide. Not surprisingly, the most expensive waterfront homes are in California and on the coast of Long Island Sound, and in Hawaii, while the most affordable can be found in the Midwest and in Florida. The […]

Homeowners Throwing Away Thousands Annually on Mortgage Payments


According to an article in Housingwire, recent research has shown that many homeowners are failing to take advantage of lending programs that could be hugely beneficial to them. It’s estimated around 20% of households who could benefit from refinancing are potentially missing out on savings of over $10,000 each year, simply by failing to take […]

Foreclosure Activity Up Last Month but Down Year on Year


A recent report released by RealtyTrac shows the number of default notices, bank repossessions and scheduled auctions that were reported in the US in August, reached a figure of 116,913 properties. This is an increase of 7% compared to July, but is still 9% lower than a year earlier. Last month a total of 51,192 […]

Housing Recovery Predicted to be Gradual into Next Year


Last month it looked as if Americans’ attitude towards the housing market continued to soften, indicating that the housing market will continue to recover slowly into next year, according to an article in RisMedia. The article looked at the results of Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey for August, and found that even though the jobs […]

Could Millennials Reverse Trend For Larger Homes?


In the past the trend was for developers to build huge luxury homes, often dubbed McMansions, but all that changed with the recession, and the average size of a new single-family home was 2135 ft.². Things began to change it again last year when sizes of single-family homes increased to 2598 ft.² as builders once […]

Students Face Challenges Over Home Buying

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Buying your first home is never a cheap process and most of us will initially struggle, but it is much more difficult for students who can graduate with substantial amounts of debt. This means they often need to earn substantially more money in order to buy a home. An estimate by RealtyTrac found students typically […]

Recent Report Highlights Housing “Lost Decade”


Clear Capital recently released a report referring to what’s being called the “lost decade.” This is the 10 years between 2004 and 2014 during which national house prices have remained largely unchanged. According to their Home Data Index TM (HDI) Market Report, housing prices have fallen back to 2004 levels even when inflation is taken […]

Fewer People with Underwater Mortgages

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During the second quarter of this year 17% of homeowners had mortgages which were still underwater, in spite of home values increasing steadily. This equates to around 8.7 million homeowners but the figure is steadily declining. During the first quarter of the year 18.8% of homeowners were in negative equity, and a year ago 23.8% […]

Sales of Existing homes Continued to Rise Last Month


Last month, sales figures for existing homes reached their highest annual rate for this year, while the number of distress sales continued to decline, according to an article in RisMedia. The number of completed transactions for existing home sales, which includes condominiums, town-homes and single family homes increased by 2.4%, reached a seasonally adjusted rate […]

Are You Cut out for Life in the Country?

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Deciding to buy a home is always a huge decision to make, especially as you have to think about where exactly you’d like to live. Quite often this can lead to questions as to whether you’re best suited to life in the city or if you’d prefer to live out in the country. While there […]