Daniel Matusiak Joins Haute Living Real Estate Network


Daniel Matusiak, a prominent real estate broker in Bird Key and Casey Key, Florida, has just joined the prestigious Haute Living Real Estate Network (HLRN) as its newest partner.

Is That Mortgage Quote Higher Than Expected?


If you’ve recently applied for a mortgage then you might’ve noticed the rates and fees came out higher than advertised. If this is the case then it could be due to several different factors that you may not be aware of, and which can increase the overall cost of the mortgage. An article in aol.com […]

Finding Out What’s Really Important in a Home

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Buying a home can take a few short months or even years to complete, particularly when it is your first home. An article in AOL.com points out that your criteria will probably change along the way, but it does pay to think about what’s important to you in a property before you really start searching. […]

Home Sales Rise for Fourth Consecutive Month

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A recent RE/MAX National Housing Report shows home sales in June were higher than sales for the previous month. This is the fourth consecutive month of increases. According to the article in RISMedia, closed transactions for June were 4.5% higher than for the previous month, but were 1.95% lower than transactions for June last year. […]

How Long Will The Housing Recovery Take?

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The housing recovery began approximately 3 years ago, but many local markets have still to regain values lost during the recent recession. The question most people want to know is how long will it take for home values to achieve their pre-recession levels. Unfortunately this process could take years, especially while the housing recovery is […]

Missing Mortgage Payments Could Cost You Dear


People can miss a mortgage payment for a variety of different reasons, and circumstances do change. Job losses or relocation can all put pressure on household finances and homeowners may end up owing more than their properties value. Figures from the Mortgage Bankers Association show approximately 6% of mortgage loans were at least one payment […]

Foreclosure Levels Fall to Lowest Rate in 8 Years


Foreclosure rates for last month were at their lowest level since July 2006 when the housing market collapsed. Experts anticipate foreclosure rates will continue to decline right through to the first half of next year. According to figures from RealtyTrac, there were 107,194 homes that were at some stage of the foreclosure process during last […]

New Home Inventory Increasing Buyer Interest

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House building has been in a record low for years, but now builders are beginning construction on lots purchased during the recession. Construction is now helping to boost low inventory levels, and is increasing buyer interest in numerous markets. During the last 12 months there were more than 1 million residential housing permits issued. More […]

HAMP Borrowers Facing Hike in Interest Rates

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During the recent housing crisis, at risk homeowners took advantage of the federal government’s emergency plan to help avoid falling into foreclosure. Unfortunately now many could be facing a new crisis, which is an increase in interest rates. According to the article in aol.com, banks began sending out notices in June, warning of interest rate […]

First Time buyer Numbers and New Home Demand is Normalizing

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A recent article in Builder is forecasting that new-home demand is beginning to return to normal patterns seen in the past. After the recent recession many households had doubled up with young adults moving in with their parents. Now there is an increasing amount of evidence that these young adults are being able to move […]