Decorating a loft
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Overcoming The Challenges of Decorating A Loft Apartment or Condo

By Kevin Vitali | May 6, 2021
Tall windows, high ceilings and wide open spaces are typical of a loft style home. But with that comes some unique decorating challenges.
Home Design

4 Hacks for Finding the Best Designs for Quartz Countertops

By Jamie Richardson | April 20, 2021
Most people want the main parts of their kitchen to match and look well put together. This means your cabinets, flooring, and countertops should be within the same color scheme to keep your kitchen looking stylish and modern.  Any feature in your kitchen that is expensive and more permanent should be given a lot of […]
Home Design

5 Tips To Choose Blinds For Every Room

By Jamie Richardson | April 1, 2021
Installing beautifully designed and functional blinds can transform the interior of your home. Blinds are a highly durable window treatment option consisting of slats or vanes tied together, and able to be raised or lowered for optimum light control and privacy. If you’re looking to upgrade your sheer or heavy curtains, consider using blinds to […]
Home Design

Popular Architectural Styles of Midwestern Homes

By Anita Townes | February 25, 2021
The Midwest is called the Heart of America for a reason. It has a long history of being home to people from many walks of life, many of whom initially embraced countryside living. However, the encroach of modern living has brought many changes, including to the house styles across the Midwest. Here are a few […]
designer paints a modern sketch of the apartment
Home Design, US Real Estate

The Pros of Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Next Home Renovation

By Beni Restea | January 26, 2021
No matter how skilled you are at any particular task or pastime, there’s a good chance your skills are going to pale in comparison to those of a professional. Sure, you might be a good guitarist, but next to Tom Morello or John Frusciante, you’d struggle just to keep up. Your painting chops might be […]
Home Design, US Real Estate

More people want fences, despite rising costs

By Mike Wheatley | November 27, 2020
Homeowners are apparently seeking more security and privacy in their homes, and that has sparked a big jump in demand for fencing installations and fence repair services. The sudden jump in demand for residential fencing services, plus a shortage of lumber and other fencing materials means that prices have been driven much higher, and buyers […]
Home renovation
Home Design

Making Home Repairs is Easier Than You Think

By Brian Kline | November 22, 2020
Whether you’re getting ready to sell your house or just need to do normal repairs and maintenance, you can save a lot of money making repairs yourself. But there are times you need an experienced repairperson. Not having the right tools and not having the right experience are the two biggest reasons people don’t make […]
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