Everyday Tools and Software Realtors Need to Use

Real estate professionals lead busy lives, so finding better and more efficient ways to do everything you do on a daily basis is always important. Without a doubt, some of the best methods for injecting lots of more organization and effectiveness into how you do business involve leveraging many of the great software tools that

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What Is the Best Real Estate ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning: you’ve likely heard of it, especially if you’re in the real estate profession. ERP, as it’s called by those in the know, is an incredibly powerful tool that many different types of businesses use to leverage productivity and bring new life to existing work processes.  There are dozens of different types of

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How Important Is Your Real Estate Database

Real estate agents have no end of tools they can use to help manage their business. One of them is your database, but how powerful a tool is it, really? The truth may surprise you. Here’s why maintaining a real estate database is so crucial to the success of your real estate career. What Real

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How Smart Home Technologies Can Help Real Estate Agents

Smart home technologies are revolutionizing real estate. According to a recent study, about 69% of U.S. households have a smart home device. Out of the 83 million households with smart devices, 22 million homes have more than one smart home gadget. Homeowners are not the only people benefiting from smart home technologies. Realtors are also trying to

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Six Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs A Technology Overhaul In 2022

The growth of technology has transformed the conventional real estate industry as clients demand smarter solutions while real estate businesses demand efficiency. The entire gamut of technologies for real estate business falls under the label of ‘PropTech’ (Property Technology). It is revolutionizing how buyers connect with realtors for property purposes, be it for construction, purchasing,

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Trouble Paying Your Rent on Time? Get Circa.

Circa is a new rent payment model with benefits for residents and proprety owners alike.

How Real Estate Investors Can Use AI For Market Analysis

Nowadays, no business is complete without taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Many companies have already begun to incorporate AI into their business models, from startups to well-established brands. AI is shaping the future of home buying through efficient property search, quality lead generation, and assisting transactions or banking. As AI

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Top 5 Software Programs For Real Estate Investors

Using the correct software for real estate investing is just as important as choosing real estate properties to add to your portfolio. Software plays a vital role in the success of many investors by helping them gain detailed insights into their business performance, both offline and online, generating powerful reports, improving their efficiency, and tracking

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Should I Get a Lawyer Before Talking to Insurance?

Suppose you or someone you love has been injured in an accident. In that case, it is critical to seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer at the Tingey Law Firm work accident lawyers firm before talking to the insurance company. Once you have legal representation by your side, you will significantly increase

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Accounting Tips And Software For UK Landlords

20% of people living in the U.K. have a phobia when it comes to dealing with finances, according to a study from Cambridge University. Handling your finances or the finances for your rental business can be a pretty overwhelming undertaking. However, various tools, software and best practices can help ensure your accounting is more straightforward,

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