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Freddie Mac launches re-employment program for struggling or aspiring homeowners

By Mike Wheatley | June 19, 2018
Freddie Mac is launching a new program to help job seekers in rural areas find employment, in partnership with the job-hunting company NextJob.
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Baby Boomers Continue to Change the Housing Market

By Brian Kline | February 2, 2014
Real estate analysts heavily rely on employment numbers to forecast housing demand. While that's a good start, if left with only that statistic, it will seriously under estimate the true housing demand. Conventional analysis is that millions of people have left the job market because they have been unable to find employment. And that these […]
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Widespread Employment Changes May Result In More Problems For Housing Industry

By Donna S. Robinson | November 16, 2012
The impact of widespread reductions in the working hours of employees in a large variety of industries would be highly likely to trigger more delinquencies and foreclosures for housing. In the past week and a half since the presidential election confirmed that the Affordable Care Act would be implemented, I've personally heard from local employees […]
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Elections, Real Estate, Jobs, and Sucking Sounds

By Phil Butler | October 19, 2012
What can American's expect their next president to do about the sagging real estate industry? Most experts on the subject would say, nothing. Neither President Obama, nor hopeful Senator Mitt Romney seems to care much about foreclosures or even a resurgence of the market.
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Latest Case-Schiller Index - Atlanta, Las Vegas, Hit New Lows

By Donna S. Robinson | June 5, 2012
To sum up the latest Case-Schiller Housing Price Report, the good news is that the bad news is not quite as bad as it was. But the bad news is that Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, Portland and New York have hit new lows as home prices in these cities continue a slow but steady slide.
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How To Determine If You Are In A "Good" Or "Bad" Housing Market

By Donna S. Robinson | March 9, 2012
If you are the typical person out there, reading the main stream media reports about housing, and whether the market is "good or "bad" you probably think that the current market is "bad". But when it comes to market dynamics, the housing market is neither "good" or "bad", bur rather, "good" and "bad" are all defined within your personal frame of reference.
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Which Came First...The Job Or The House?

By Donna S. Robinson | March 2, 2012
The old cliche' is well known..."Which came first...the chicken or the egg?" And so, with all the wrangling over how to "fix" housing, the question to ask is "which came first, the job or the house?"
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