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How Long Does It Take to Learn Real Estate SEO?

By Ben Shepardson | August 1, 2022
The internet is a ubiquitous tool that we all use every day, sometimes several times a day. We use it for entertainment, to get our news, to communicate with friends and family members, and to do all sorts of business. From buying things on Amazon to selling things on eBay and everything in between, the […]
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How Many Keywords Should I Use in My Blog Content?

By Ben Shepardson | July 29, 2022
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the greatest marketing tools we have available to us. Believe it or not, 57% of businesses still don't use SEO in their marketing strategies. While it's a shame for them, it's great news for you! It means there's less competition standing in your way. Real estate SEO is a great […]
How to Get Quality Backlinks for Real Estate Sites

How to Get Quality Backlinks for Real Estate Websites

By Mihaela Lica Butler | November 23, 2021
Backlinks are among the top ranking factors for getting your site listed on the first pages of Google's search results.
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3 Ways to Improve Site Traffic and SEO Rankings for Your Real Estate Site

By Jamie Richardson | January 21, 2020
In the world of real estate and home buying, getting new views and customers to your site or property listings are extremely important. Of the many different ways to accomplish this, social media and search traffic lead the way. However, it’s not just a matter of knowing how to these traffic sources work, it’s also […]
Real Estate Marketing, SEO

Why You Need a Real Estate SEO Expert

By Ben Shepardson | April 23, 2019
You’re a real estate agent. And you’re good at your job. You know houses and commercial buildings like you built them yourself--and more importantly, you know how to sell them to even the most skeptical customer. But when it comes to search engine optimization, it’s like you’re selling your first house--you’re eager and untested and […]
Real estate SEO keywords

SEO for Real Estate Pros: How to Grow Your Digital Footprint

By Ben Shepardson | February 23, 2019
Real estate's a competitive line of work. You need every single advantage you can get if you want to stand out from the crowd. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to do that, and using SEO for real estate marketing online can help your realty business reach new heights when it comes […]
Real Estate Marketing, SEO

Most Common SEO Mistakes That Can Kill Your Real Estate Rankings

By Guest Author | February 8, 2019
Real estate is one of the most lucrative industries today. Seeing that the industry is a gold mine, most entrepreneurs are looking to step their foot into the business. Since you are here, the chances are high that you are one of the esteemed business owners getting into this just like the award wining seo […]
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