Cities Where Buyers Still Paying with Cash

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According to an article in 24/7 Wall St, nearly 38% of condos and homes purchased during the second quarter of the year were all-cash sales. This is slightly higher than a year earlier, but is lower than figures for the previous quarter, where sales reached a three-year high of 42%. The proportion of all-cash sales […]

Using Instagram Videos to Market Your Listings


Millions of avid Instagram users enjoy the 15-second video feature launched recently, and with the growing popularity of services like Keek and Vine, realtors need to look at it as a potential marketing tool.

Housing Starts Down 14.4% in August


Nationwide housing starts plunged in August, mostly attributed to a 31.7 percent decline in the multifamily market, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and U.S. Census Bureau reports.

Rents Still Rising in the Major Cities


Even though the American Dream is still alive and kicking, growing numbers of people are renting their home. This is impacting realtors as well as home builders who have seen the numbers of buyers decline due to a combination of factors. These include the foreclosure crisis, and some people are choosing to rent rather than […]

Are FHA Fees Holding Back the Recovery?

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Anyone with a less than perfect credit rating is likely to find it pretty hard to get a loan these days, but it also seems as if FHA fees are holding back a full housing market recovery. An article in American Banker points out that the Federal Housing Administration has raised its fees so much […]

4 Essential Features Your Real Estate App Has To Have


We’ve previously covered how to build mobile apps for realtors here, but if you really want to succeed you’ll need to think about incorporating these 4 essential features in it.

Builder Confidence at its Highest for 9 Years


Builder confidence in the new-home market rose to its highest reading in nearly 9 years, according to the latest reading from the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index

Memphis A Great Place to Retire

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When it comes to a retirement community, you’ll find plenty of options and reasons to select Memphis. Of course, retirees need more than a nice climate and a place to live. The amenities and resources for retirees are plentiful in the Memphis region. Memphis abounds in recreation centers, places to find delicious food, opportunities to […]

Would You Pay More Than Double for a Waterfront Home?

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If you want a water view then be prepared to pay more than double of the value of homes nationwide. Not surprisingly, the most expensive waterfront homes are in California and on the coast of Long Island Sound, and in Hawaii, while the most affordable can be found in the Midwest and in Florida. The […]

How Can We Bring Back First-time Buyers Into The Fray?


The Federal Housing Administration’s rise in its mortgage insurance fees in recent years is pricing many “creditworthy Americans out of the market” and causing the number of first-time home buyers to reach new lows, housing analysts argue.