Real estate firms resort to journalism


A growing number of real estate firms are exercising a stronger publishing arm lately, blending the lines between journalism and branding to expand its reach with prospects.

Meet Knocker: The ‘Tinder’ of real estate apps


Searching for houses is a chore. Even I, as someone with about $100 in savings, know that. Which is why Knocker is a welcome new option.

Travels Through Memphis

Memphis USA base colors of the flag of the city 3D design

There is an almost unexplainable draw to Graceland. In 1976, Bruce Springsteen was caught by Graceland security climbing over the fence in an attempt to see the King of Rock ‘n Roll. “For reasons I cannot explain, there’s some part of me that wants to see Graceland.” – Paul Simon. The fact is, Graceland is […]

Twitter surpasses LinkedIn as #1 social media site for salespeople


Twitter has become the No. 1 social media site that salespeople use to garner business, according to research by Forbes.

Online Real Estate Auctions: Myths vs Facts


Whether you’re a real estate professional looking to grow your business or a budding or experienced real estate investor, online home auction sites are changing the face of real estate.

Number of Single Person Households Increasing


Just 100 years ago less than 6% of all households consisted of a single person living alone, but in 2013 that had increased to 28%. Now single person households are the second most common household type. According to data from the US Census Bureau, there are now more single households than married households with minor […]

Realtors confident on next six months


Realtors remain mostly confident in the next six months of the real estate market, thanks to 30-year fixed rates still below 4 percent, continued job growth, and recent measures that have made credit more accessible and cheaper

Why Now Could Be the Right Time to Buy in Australia


Just recently there has been a lot of talk about housing bubbles in Australia, but an article in points out that this could be the time to find a good value property, provided you do your research. Even though buying during a downturn is best, it’s still possible to find good value properties during […]

Buyers Have the Best of Both Worlds

First Time Buyers on Red Billboard.

Buyers may not understand it but now is most likely the best time they will have to buy a home for many years to come. Yes, they would have done better to buy over the past four years while home prices and interest rates were lower but many couldn’t qualify for a loan. Today, home […]

Rental Growth Greater than Home Value Growth


According to the latest data from Zillow, residential rental values overtook home value growth to the year ending in April. Their figures show home value growth was at an annual rate of 3% while residential rental growth exceeded this figure at 4%. This data also shows that rents grew at their fastest pace in two […]