Herb Strather Revealed As Detroit’s Mystery Blight Buyer


Herb Strather, a casino and real estate developer in Detroit, has big plans for the more than 6,000 foreclosed homes he recently snagged in an auction.

Using Gmail with Zoho for Customer Relationships Management


Customer Relationships Management, is known by a lot of names, including contact management, prospect management, and client management. There’s not much ability in that respect with Gmail

Memphis the Musical

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It takes balls to name a musical “Memphis” after the home of Rock ‘n Roll and R&B but that’s what it is, a ball of energy. Fresh off of Broadway and a 55 city North American tour, the story of 1950’s Memphis is now playing at the Shaftbury Theater in London. Based on the birthplace […]

Insurance Claims Can Send Premiums Soaring

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Household insurance is there for your peace of mind, but a new report shows filing even just one claim can send your premiums soaring. This increase can run into hundreds of dollars in certain states. Apparently filing just a single claim for anything from tornado damage to a stolen bicycle will see your premiums being […]

The Real Reasons Renters Choose to Rent

For Rent home

About 20 percent of renting households don’t have any intentions to purchase a home in the future, and researchers at Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies recently surveyed such renters to find out why

Real Estate Trust – Another Way to Protect Your Investments

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Investing in real estate can be done in many different ways. But like any business, it doesn’t come without risk. Titling investment properties in a real estate trust can provide some protection for your business when done correctly. How much protection a real estate trust offers depends on how your overall business is structured and […]

Millennials Optimistic about Buying in the Next Five Years

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According to a recent survey by the California Association of Realtors®, most millennials still believe in homeownership and the majority expects to be able to buy a home within the next five years. This was a survey of young adults aged between 18 and 34. Apparently more than half of the millennials surveyed rated homeownership […]

Top Agent Network Brings Lawsuit Against Zillow, Alleging Fraud


Top Agent Network, a real estate business networking site, filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that Zillow stole its trade secrets and made a copycat version of its “coming soon” feature for listings.

Tips on Avoiding Home Buyer’s Remorse


A recent survey of 2,000 home buyers revealed that four out of five regretted at least one thing about their home. According to the article in CNN Money.com, the major complaint was that it simply wasn’t big enough. Other common gripes included a lack of closet space or an inadequate number of bathrooms. Some people […]

How to Sell a Previously Flooded Home


As a homeowner, flooding can be a terrifying experience, causing thousands of dollars of damage by rotting wood, rusting metal, delaminate flooring, and more.