Make Minor Home Improvements for a Faster Sale

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US homeowners are being advised to make sure their property looks good and is nicely spruced up on the outside, rather than considering larger scale renovations prior to putting the home on the market. A recent survey canvassed interior designers and real estate agents, asking them to identify the best home improvements sellers could make. […]

Accumulating Wealth With Real Estate

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This is petty much real estate investing 101 but it’s good to go back over the basics occasionally. If you invest wisely, your first increase in wealth should occur as soon as you sign the closing paperwork. If you buy a $100,000 house for 80% if market value, you should be worth $20,000 more as […]

Consumers Still Have A Lot To Learn About Housing

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Consumers are knowledgeable about some aspects of the real estate process, but gaps in their housing knowledge persist, particularly when it comes to understanding the mortgage process

Listing Ads: Choose Your Words Carefully, They Could Be Worth A Fortune


The words that real estate professionals choose to describe a property in listing ads could potentially result in the home selling for a premium, suggests an analysis that looks at listing descriptions and their effect on sales price and probability of sale.

The History of Prefab Homes


If you work in a housing niche or simply appreciate the knowledge it takes to work in a niche, a new book might find a spot on your desk or waiting area table.

10 Tips For Investing In Turn-Key Real Estate


The idea behind “turn-key” real estate investing is that an investor can purchase a property from a company that will then manage that property for them, a kind of “hands-off” investment for busy professionals or investors.

It’s Time for Vacation Rentals

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Vacation homes have made a surprising recovery and with spring weather upon us, the market is heating up. The housing crash certainly hit the vacation home market hard but 2013 saw a strong recovery and 2014 looks to be a stand out year. Obviously, vacation homes are dominated by the upper income households and they’ve […]

Real Estate is #1 Long-term Investment for Americans

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Americans have renewed confidence in real estate as a great investment. In fact, Americans believe real estate is the “best” long-term investment, followed by gold, stocks, mutual funds, savings accounts/CDs, and bonds

More Homes For Sale Nationwide This Spring

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The number of homes for sale is on the rise, a long-awaited welcome to home buyers who are finding more selection than last spring and less competition, according to’s National Housing Trend Report for March of the 146 markets it tracks.

The End of Suburbia is Nigh


Young professionals are heading to cities and some have vowed to stay, forsaking the suburban life completely.