Negotiating Real Estate Contracts To Your Advantage

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Everything in a real estate contract can be negotiated with the exception of what is required by state law. It’s not always a good idea to go with the standard purchase agreement when you’re looking for the best deals. However, when you draw up your own purchase agreement, it’s always good to have it reviewed […]

How Long Will The Housing Recovery Take?

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The housing recovery began approximately 3 years ago, but many local markets have still to regain values lost during the recent recession. The question most people want to know is how long will it take for home values to achieve their pre-recession levels. Unfortunately this process could take years, especially while the housing recovery is […]

Every Real Estate Pro Needs a Second Language


Real estate agents across the country are leveraging their second-language skills to get ahead in their local markets, particularly as the number of international home buyers grows in the U.S. photo credit: the measure of mike via photopin cc About 15 percent of real estate professionals report speaking a second language, according to the National […]

Missing Mortgage Payments Could Cost You Dear


People can miss a mortgage payment for a variety of different reasons, and circumstances do change. Job losses or relocation can all put pressure on household finances and homeowners may end up owing more than their properties value. Figures from the Mortgage Bankers Association show approximately 6% of mortgage loans were at least one payment […]

Don’t Blame The Millenials For Slowing Down Real Estate


It’s not news that Millennials are delaying home ownership — but they aren’t the group lagging behind the most in the real estate market.

Foreclosure Levels Fall to Lowest Rate in 8 Years


Foreclosure rates for last month were at their lowest level since July 2006 when the housing market collapsed. Experts anticipate foreclosure rates will continue to decline right through to the first half of next year. According to figures from RealtyTrac, there were 107,194 homes that were at some stage of the foreclosure process during last […]

Are Open Houses Being Underutilized?


Open houses can generate a lot of buyer traffic for a listing, but they are held for only a small fraction of listings. According to a study, open houses were held to reach potential buyers for only 6.3 percent of listings nationwide.

New Home Inventory Increasing Buyer Interest

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House building has been in a record low for years, but now builders are beginning construction on lots purchased during the recession. Construction is now helping to boost low inventory levels, and is increasing buyer interest in numerous markets. During the last 12 months there were more than 1 million residential housing permits issued. More […]

Investing in Stocks Vs. Real Estate

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Many people ponder whether it’s better to invest in stocks or mutual funds versus investing in real estate. As it is with so many things in life, it depends on the individual investment. Had you invested in Southern California beachfront property in the 1970s, you’d probably be set for life today. Had you bought Microsoft’s […]

Realogy snaps up ZipRealty in $166M deal


Real estate giant Realogy announced that it plans to acquire ZipRealty’s residential brokerage, with 23 offices across the country.